Snoring is a New Risk Factor for COVID-19 Deaths

COVID-19 death

A new study has examined the data from 18 other studies based on a sleep-related condition called obstructive sleep apnea. Upon relating it with the latest pandemic, the research team came to the conclusion that snoring is likely to cause COVID-19 related death in patients. This makes a new risk factor of COVID-19 in the list including obesity, lung diseases, older patients, diabetic people, etc.

Who knew that a simple thing like snoring can increase the chances of COVID-19 death but according to this research, it is proven. The research team from the University of Warwick worked on this review study examining the effects of obstructive sleep apnoea patients exposed to the coronavirus. The complete study findings are published in the journal Sleep Medicine Reviews.

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They found that people who are snoring are more likely to choke during sleep which is extremely dangerous if they are caught with the COVID-19 first. Choking is typically when throat muscles experience a short-term blockage but if the patient has compromised health, the risk of COVId-19 related death increases.

Diabetic people are more likely to snore during sleep. In addition to this, extremely obese or hypertensive patients are also high-risk groups combined with snoring and the coronavirus.

There are millions of people living with sleep apnea and a large proportion of them go undiagnosed. Most people don’t even find this as a medical condition which is why in case of severe illness such as COVID-19, their health is at much more risk than other people.

This finding suggests that doctors should look for obstructive sleep apnea patients among those who are taken to the hospitals for COVID-19 complications. In case they are obese, hypertensive, old, or immunocompromised, death by COVID-19 is evident.

Obstructive sleep apnoea also affects people suffering from other medical conditions which increases their risk of this deadly virus. On one side, the research team urges doctors to know this and consider it as a risk factor like others. On the other side, they want people to pay attention to simple things like snoring and add them into their patient history when necessary, instead of completely ignoring it as if it is nothing.

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The research team advise people to fully comply and cooperate with their physicians and never conceal information. Additionally, they request everyone to follow the standard precautions issued by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, World Health Organization, NHS, and other leading health authorities.

There is no difference in these precautionary measures because all of them are working on one agenda which is to keep people safe from this pandemic which is still nowhere to end. Common things like using a facemask, following social distancing, and avoiding large public gatherings will save people and make their recovery faster and better if they are still exposed.



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