Cigarette Packages Must Contain Graphic Health Warnings (FDA)

graphic warnings on cigarette packs

It is a known fact that smoking can cause harm to a person’s health, particularly the lungs. Graphic warnings related to diseases caused by the smoking cover only a small part of the cigarette packs. Physicians demand at least 50 percent of the total packaging allowed for these health warnings.

The major warnings by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) include that smoking can harm the health of children. Also, it leads to bladder cancer and causes blood in the urine. The FDA also warns that smoking hinders the flow of blood in the body.

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The cigarette packaging will include these different warnings and show a graphic image of that condition. Meanwhile, different cigarette companies filed a case against the FDA for this regulation. The companies claim that these images will not prevent youngsters from smoking.

These cigarette companies also claim that the government does not intend to reduce smoking among people. These graphic health warnings will not serve any such purpose. Also, people can not understand the negative effects of smoking in this way.

According to the AMA Medical Litigation Center, the government takes interest in educating the public about smoking health hazards. The Center joined hands with the Texas Medical Association and the American Academy of Pediatrics. Together these organizations claim that public health is the priority of the government.

The FDA claims that the government wants to educate the public about the side effects of tobacco smoking. Nearly half of smokers die due to this habit. Hence, the authorities need consumers to know the risk they take and make an informed choice. The graphic health warnings on cigarette packs will also help people to better understand the effects of smoking.

Several studies show the negative health effects of cigarette smoking. Also, these studies show that these warnings can help reduce the number of cigarette consumers. A straightforward warning can help better inform the consumer about the health risk a product can cause to them.

The data provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) shows that nearly 480,000 individuals in the US die each year due to smoking.

These graphic warnings on cigarette packs are more than three decades old and people are used to them. Smoking is also the highest death causing factor among Americans. Also, these diseases are preventable if people stop smoking.

Data shows that nearly 16 million people in the US suffer from health issues due to smoking. These conditions are preventable and are only caused due to cigarette smoking.

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According to the AMA Litigation Center, most Americans are unaware of the health effects of tobacco smoking. The shocking data from a study reveals that most of them do not know the health risk of consuming this product.

The data from a study shows that only 73 percent of Americans believe that this habit can lead to stroke. Also, only 68 percent of individuals know that passive smoking can cause lung cancer. This means that non-smokers are at a high risk of cancer due to the toxic compound in cigarette smoke.

The graphic health warning will help educate those people who can not read the warnings on the label. Also, these warnings will prove more effective for this purpose instead of simply writing on the cigarette component.

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