People Using Public Transport Are Four Times More Likely to Get Coronavirus

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Image: Hasselqvist (pixabay license)

Social distancing is one of the key preventive measures for coronavirus that has been suggested by all health agencies around the world, including the U.S. Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. Without following this mandatory step, the health crisis is unlikely to be controlled but in some places, it is difficult to practice, such as in public transport.

According to health experts, the guidelines for avoiding coronavirus are not only important now but will also be required even when a vaccine for the infection has been developed. This is because following the suggested steps can make a big difference and cut down transmission rates significantly.

However, a big number of people are still not taking all measures regardless of the constant health warnings. For instance, some of the people choose to wear masks but do not maintain a six feet distance from others when going in public spaces.

Wearing a face covering or a mask is another fundamental preventive measure and is effective in reducing the risk of contracting the virus but this does not mean only wearing a mask can provide sufficient protection in all of the places.

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For minimizing the risk of catching or spreading the coronavirus infection, a combination of all instructions is recommended. Ideally, a person should be wearing a mask and maintaining distance as this ensures maximum protection against the virus.

Following only a few steps tends to be effective only in certain situations. For example, wearing a mask would be enough in open and large spaces with very few people. On the other hand, doing so in places with crowds of people may not provide sufficient protection.

Indoor spaces also tend to have a higher risk of coronavirus transmission in comparison with outdoor spaces. So, practicing social distancing and wearing a mask are both mandatory requirements.

In places where social distancing is difficult the coronavirus spread tends to be higher. A new report which appears in the journalĀ Clinical Infectious Diseases shows that people who maintain distance in all places strictly have a low risk of catching the virus.

The report also highlighted that people who use public transport frequently and do not or cannot practice social distancing have a four times higher chance of contracting the infection comparatively.

This shows how staying only six feet away from other people can make a big difference in the risk of coronavirus. Health experts state that the findings add further to the importance of the practice of social distancing.

For lowering the risk of coronavirus, make sure to maintain a distance from people in all outdoor spaces.

In indoor spaces where keeping distance is difficult, such as in public transport, certain habits can reduce the risk such as wearing a mask and avoiding interaction or talking to other people on the way.

Additionally, use hand sanitizer frequently and maintain hygiene especially when using transportation on a daily basis. Other than going to work or for other important activities, avoid using public transport especially very long trains or bus rides as they are far riskier.


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