Sky Breaking Ceremony Is Celebrating Launch of New Stabilization Unit

Two organizations, the RAD Technology Medical System and the Palomar Health have recently united to take part in the sky breaking ceremony for the launch of a crisis stabilization center. This stabilization unit is a stand-alone unit consisting of two stories aimed at providing intensive care to mental health patients in tertiary care.

The sky breaking ceremony laid emphasis on innovative modular technology employed for building up the stabilizing facility. The ceremony was a way to unite all the parties in a way for the celebration of the newly launched crisis stabilization unit. Moreover, the procedure of treatment will be provided for the county area of North San Diego.

The tertiary care unit was built keeping in mind off-site constructive design. The work on the area and its foundation were laid took place on the site while construction of modules had been taking place at the same time in the factory.

After that, the experts loaded the modules to a staging location where they were stored for a while. After some time, the modules were united with the foundation at the ceremony.

When the modules are completed by 80 percent, there is time for some finishing from the outside and inside. The crisis stabilization center is planned to put into work from the spring of the next year.

On total completion, the crisis stabilization unit will be facilitating the patients with short term care in the case of an acute crisis revolving around substance abuse and acute psychiatric crisis.

The stabilization unit will be given a less restrictive environment to the mental health patients, where they will be able to get an emergency departmental bedding system, as well as there, will be an emphasis on improved community safety.

The whole facility covers an area of six thousand square feet and has a wide space to have 16 treatment areas for patients. These areas consist of patient showers, a station for the nurse, a storing area for belonging, an area for check-in, an outdoor lounge, and a medication storage area.

The management believes that the new crisis stabilization unit offers a peaceful and safe place for patients under medical treatment and continuous supervision by behavioral health provision staff.

The crisis stabilization unit is a better substitute for hospitalization and is the best-case scenario for a particular population that needs special care in crisis with the help of better commodities being provided in the Department of Emergency.

It is RAD’s first project on mental health and it is hopeful in bringing innovative solutions that will pave way for new directions and getting served more parts of the industry for health care have a better modular technology model for business.

The AD technology Medical System is a development organization that is design-built and offers innovative and unique systems for building for the whole health industry.

The solution-oriented approaches are factory-fabricated which eliminates the demand for procedures of lengthy construction taking place on the site and are available in all states, transient, intermediate, and even permanent.




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