“Rock Your Diabetes” campaign by Diabeloop to be launched on World Diabetes Day this year

Diabeloop is launching a brand new campaign on November 14 in the USA, France, and Germany. This new campaign is called “Rock Your Diabetes” and aims to provide improved services for diabetic people in public.

The purpose of this campaign is to recognize every type 1 diabetes patient ‘s right to enjoy his life without medical interruptions. It is a game-changing campaign by which Diabeloop would be able to provide technological interventions for diabetic people. This way, their life would be easier and managing diabetes would be less problematic.

The campaign is being launched on World Diabetes Day, on 14th November to mark the importance and need of these facilities.

Diabeloop is working on a mission to relieve the condition of people living with diabetes type one in a way that they can access their medicines and treatment options on time, without any emotional distress. It was created in 2015 after a medical research project on the same mission was completed.

The founder of Diabeloop Dr. Guillaume Charpentier, is now serving as Chief Medical Officer and managing it along with two co-manages, Erik Huneker and Marc Julien for the last three years. A research laboratory called CEA-Leti and a team of diabetic experts from France called CERITD is their expert partners in this mission. Together, all of these are working to improve the life, health and medical facilities for all type 1 diabetic patients.

The reason why Diabeloop is initiating this Rock Your Diabetes” campaign is to share its vision with the whole world in a communicative way. For that, Diabeloop is collaborating with a communication agency Steve.

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The Head of Brand and Communications at Diabeloop, Stéphanie Jégu shares that Diabeloop is extremely motivated and committed to working on improving the daily life of diabetic people in a way that they don’t feel a burden on them. They have an equal right to enjoy the beauties of life like normal people and this is the reason why this campaign is aimed to provide little celebrations of life like other people.

She adds;

“Steve’s pop-culture positioning has convinced us to spread this message to people living with type 1 diabetes, their families/caregivers and everyone else impacted by diabetes,” 

That is why Diabeloop’s experts are raising awareness through a communication campaign by concentrating on digital codes. Together, Diabeloop and Steve have established the following.

  1. Completely 3D visuals by using PopCulture design with help from Atomic Studio. These visuals would feature three characters living free without any disruptions.
  2. An animated Instagram filter that helps common people to transform into any of the core characters from the campaign.
  3. A festive GIF that is available to download for free at the GIPHY platform and share it with friends and relatives circle.

This celebratory communication campaign will be followed in Germany, France, and the USA to make an impact. All local diabetes influencers will share this campaign and its agenda with their followers. Lastly, Orixa Media agency would broadcast the whole campaign through an already set media plan. It will also get help from “DOOH advertising” to work in France, Germany, and the USA.

Rock Your Diabetes” campaign will be launched on November 14, the “World Diabetes Day” and last for the upcoming three weeks.

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