Going to Bars is NOT Safe During Covid-19: Study

coronavirus restrictions
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Ever since the pandemic started, many people went out of business due to the coronavirus restrictions and lockdown. Meanwhile, bars and restaurants closed as well to control the coronavirus cases. A recent study looked at the impact of going to bars during Covid-19. 

The research was published recently in Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs.

According to the researchers, the bars failed to provide a safe environment during the pandemic despite the guidelines from the government. Moreover, the bar owners were not able to implement coronavirus restrictions on intoxicated customers. 

Even though life is slowly coming back to normal, many restaurants and bars are still closed throughout the US. Some states started reopening business as usual while following the coronavirus guidelines. These places ensure social distancing during inside dining to minimize the spread of the virus. 

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In Scotland, the bars started reopening during the summer with social distancing guidelines. The customers were asked to keep a distance of at least three feet inside the bars and the staff wore face masks. 

The research team found that the staff worse masks inconsistently which defies the purpose of wearing those coverings. Moreover, many bars faced the issue of overcrowding due to small spaces and less distance between the tables. 

According to the researchers, the bars could not completely implement social distancing due to narrow pathways in corridors and toilets. Therefore, the customers came together and some point which compromised their safety inside the bars. 

The researchers observed that the risk of coronavirus spread increased many folds during the evening. Alcohol consumption mostly takes over the basic senses of a person rendering them unable to pay heed to their surroundings. It affects the hearing and physical abilities of a person due to which they can not stick to the coronavirus guidelines. 

The team of researchers observed that most of the people interacted with each other and came closer inside the bars. Moreover, the staff did not try to maintain social distancing among customers which made these guidelines useless. 

The researchers also mentioned that this is not entirely the fault of the staff as they have to listen to the customers as well. Moreover, managing intoxicated people can become more difficult than a normal situation.

Experts believe that implementing social distancing in bars may be difficult since people visit these places to socialize. Unlike a grocery store, bars can not police the customers as effectively to minimize the spread of the virus. Moreover, this practice will lead to a lesser number of customers in the bars. 

Previously, a major coronavirus outbreak in Scotland led to the closure of nearly 20 restaurants and bars in Scotland. Moreover, the government implemented more strict coronavirus restrictions to keep the cases under control. They also banned music in such places to keep the situation under control. 

Even though these measures can help minimize the risk, the authorities can not completely erase it. Social places will always have a risk of transmission of coronavirus. However, strict guidelines can help lower the rate of transmission in bars and restaurants. 


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