President Trump Might spread Coronavirus by Rallying

Trump might spread coronavirus

President Trump might spread coronavirus, as plans of his campaign surface for public speculation. On Wednesday he said he will hold his rally on June 19, Tulsa, Okla.

He is expected to stage and lead rallies across not only Florida but also Arizona and North Carolina. Interestingly these are also the states he won in 2016, though now polls show his support to have fallen short of expectations.

Trump’s rally schedule was abruptly stopped three months ago when lockdowns due to coronavirus threats slowed down the entire nation. Since then the president is optimistic and enthusiastic to hop on his campaign and consequently resume rallying.

Statistics from public and internal surveys show an abysmal number in support of his reelection against Democrat Joe Biden. His opponent garnering better support than he has, he looks forward to changing that.

Trump’s campaign did not report if precautions would be taken to protect those who showed up to support his rallies. It raises concerns as he has avoided adhering to mask-wearing advice and is known to call for jammed arenas full of people.

Oklahoma has struggled with 7,480 cases of coronavirus this week, reporting 355 deaths. Though the numbers are small, they are increasing. President Trump might spread coronavirus if he does not take the precautions required during the pandemic.

Arizona, Florida, and North Carolina are all important states during the general elections. In 2016 Trump won support from all of these states. Now, however, Biden has crossed ahead of Trump in the race to acquire support from Florida and Arizona. Currently, the President holds a thin string of support in North Carolina.

To boost the morale of the campaign, Brad Parscale took a jab at Joe Biden by saying Trump’s campaign will enjoy support he can only dream off. As Trump campaign manager he also says America is counting its fingers to get back to live-action much like their President.

In the light of federal guidelines that warn against the mass holding of gatherings, President Trump might spread coronavirus If he does not oversee that precautions are being implemented to protect both attendees and the health of the president who is of a susceptible age for the virus.

Campaign Officials have not yet announced the locations and precise formats for the rallies as they have not yet been settled upon. It was unclear as to what precautions they might be seen to take.

Traditionally, Trump rallies enjoy filling tens of thousands of supporters into arenas, outdoor spaces like amphitheaters. Such places normally do not have conditions that would be approved by federal social distancing guidelines.

It is too soon to relax and let our defenses down, says Dr. David Satcher, a former surgeon general and former director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The pandemic is very dangerous, he says.

Oklahoma businesses are slowly reopening, this includes the famous Six Flags in Oklahoma City. Coincidentally or by design, it is scheduled to open on a limited place basis on the same day as the Trump rally.

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Juneteenth Day, the Friday that Trump will hold his rally on, is a day that commemorates the abolishing of slavery. In 1921 the city bore witness to the infamous massacre of black people. The nation counts that as one of the most heinous atrocities to occur in its history.

This history of painful suffering was not acknowledged however, by Trump. Instead on Wednesday, his tweets highlighted his opposition against removing confederate army leaders names from military bases.

The untimely tweets arrived just as massive groups of protesters combed through the streets calling for racial justice and an end to police brutality against Black people.

The nation has seen 112,000 deaths of people due to coronavirus and the death toll is still growing larger by the day, only time will tell the measures of protection taken at Trumps rallies.

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