No Foreplay and Sex with Mask On- Canadian Doctor Shares New Instructions to Control the Viral Spread

sex with mask on

Coronavirus spreads through close contact which is why researchers request people to maintain social distancing. But does someone have to maintain social distancing with his or her partner? Is it possible to get the virus while kissing or intercourse? The health expert says yes, which is why sex with wearing a mask is necessary.

Apparently, wearing a mask is necessary even when a couple decides to get intimate. Kissing your partner is obviously not possible if you are wearing a mask but it is mandatory to wear the mask while having sex, according to the Canadian chief public health officer.

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Dr. Theresa Tam said in a press conference that being single is probably the safest option right now and to avoid contracting the virus. Going on dates, meeting people, and getting into the bed in them is obviously not the best option during this pandemic.

Sex is safe even when there is an on-going pandemic, she says, mainly because the risk of contracting the virus through semen or through a vaginal fluid is minimum. But if the partner is new, the risk of contracting the virus from foreplay even kissing is highly risky.

Just like all other physical activities that involve close contact with people, physical contact in a sexual manner is also risky during the on-going pandemic. Likewise, people are also more likely to spread the virus to any new partner through sexual intimacy.

She urges people to avoid kissing people, and make sure not to experience face to face closeness and preferably wear a mask during intimacy. It is not only safe for yourself but also for your partner to avoid the virus.

This risk could be minimized if you are not dating anyone and living alone, which is otherwise thought of as a sign of loneliness. Right now, being single is probably a highly desirable thing.

Sexual health is equally important as physical health but people don’t seem to pay attention to it. If a person’s sexual life is compromised, it not only affects their mental health but also their physical health and may put them into a high risk of diseases.

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While being away from a loved one can make a press stressed which is another risky thing right now but they can still enjoy their time together, enjoying each other’s company. To this day, there are more than 129,425 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Canada and nearly 9,132 people have lost their lives to it. Although the new cases of COVID-19 are not as high as before it doesn’t mean that people should stop taking precautions.

The Canadian health authorities suggest everyone follow the general recommendations of using a face mask, follow good hand hygiene, and maintain reasonable distance when in public.

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