A Report on Adolf Hitler’s Sex Life Reveals Shocking Information About the Most Feared Leader in History

Hitler’s Sex Life

Adolf Hitler needs no introduction as he is remembered as one of the most brutal dictators in history. But as much his political face is exposed to the world, his personal life is hidden from the world. However, a new report on Hitler’s sex life has revealed disturbing information about him.

During Hitler’s rule, he ordered to imprison Jews and killed them in most ruthless ways. But even after 75 years of world war two, everyone knows about Hitler and his cruelty stories. People are curious to know what made an ordinary person into a dreadful leader.

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Many psychologists have studied Hitler and one of them was Dr. Henry Murray from Harvard University. In 1943, he was appointed by the US Strategic Services to analyze Adolf Hitler and what made him do all these heinous acts.

Dr. Murray submitted a 229 pages long report explaining the trauma and mental distress experienced by Hitler. This report has revealed shocking information on Hiter’s sex life and mentality.

First, he was extremely attached to his mother which could be called ‘obsession’ and not the typical motherly love. But his thought process was shattered to watch his parents during sexual intercourse which made him desired for his mother and hate his father.

This report by Dr. Murray exposed his weird sexual traits and some physical disfigurement which made him think that he is not a complete man. Dr. Murray writes Hitler to be far away from a normal human being who wasn’t able to have feelings.

It was almost impossible for him to show any humane behavior and Dr. Murray believes it started from his childhood.

A small body framed and fragile child who didn’t like going to school because he wasn’t strong or smart like other boys in his class turned out to be the most ruthless leader in older years of his life.

The reports also say that probably Hitler’s mother spoiled him from his childhood which eventually led him to quit school. No one compelled him to be in sports or involve in any extracurricular. He was so unfit that he was rejected multiple times when he applied for the Australian Army.

Eventually, he developed big fascination with power, conquest, and domination. And this desire was also prominent in his personal life.

Hitler has been associated with abusive behavior with women in his life. He loved to humiliate, abuse, and use force on them.

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Hitler’s sex life as mysterious as he wasn’t capable of properly consummating any relationship. Reportedly, he had a medical condition leaving his penis to be extremely small. He also had one testicle which may be the reason why he didn’t feel like a complete man.

Numerous sexual partners of Hitler express his strange sexual fantasies. Reportedly, he loved women to defecate on his body and liked violence during sex.

Dr. Murray reports that these bizarre desires confirm Hitler’s love for dominance. Probably his inability to show ‘man’s power’ with a woman made him do these brutal killings which were probably a self-awarding compensation for him.

Surprisingly, Hitler’s niece also accused him to have sex with her, showing that his own family wasn’t spared from his cruel intentions. This report highlighted the controversial things about Hitler’s sex life but still, there is a huge debate on whether all this is the real truth or dragged stories.

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