Early Dinner is the Best Strategy for Diabetic Patients to Control Blood Sugar Naturally

Control Blood Sugar Naturally

The traditional concept of nutrition says that a calories matter, irrespective of what you may eat. But not all calories are healthy calories especially those that are taken at the wrong time or through wrong food choices. The news study insights on how to control blood sugar naturally just with a simple dietary trick.

Calculating calories and keeping a track of them is not as simple as it looks. The time when a person eats these calories change their role and nature. For example, eating a meal at 10 pm in night then 6 pm or 7 pm in the evening differently affects the blood sugar and natural fat burn. That’s why dieticians emphasize eating an early dinner for weight loss, but what are its benefits for diabetic patients?

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The new study finds that eating dinner in late hours disturbs blood glucose levels which is dangerous for prediabetic and diabetic patients. This ordinary looking habit increases the blood sugar about 20% than normal and the natural fat burn is reduced up to 10% in comparison to people who eat their dinner early.

This study is published in the journal Clinical Endocrinology & Metabolism under the Endocrine Society. It highlights eating dinner late and the risk of obesity and elevated blood sugar, regardless of what a person is eating at dinner.  Dr. Jonathan C. Jun, from Johns Hopkins University, is one of the authors of this study.

This study mainly focuses on whether eating a late dinner changes the body’s metabolic response causing obesity or not. Through a randomized trial, the research team changed eating habits and time in two groups of people and studied the changes.

The results of this trial reveal that blood glucose levels and obesity risk was higher in the late diners as compared to early diners despite eating the same meal. These results are not surprising as there are numerous other studies emphasizing early diner to balance with the body’s circadian rhythm. However, this new study particularly emphasizes on a 20% higher risk of sugar imbalance and 10% low risk of fat burning in this condition.

These results are obtained from healthy people and no diabetic or obese person was a part of this study. Hence the researchers state that these risks are even higher in diabetic, obese, and those with a weaker metabolism. So, to control blood sugar naturally, not just the meal type but also the meal time is important.

To all weight watchers, it is a reminder suggesting to pay attention to mealtime in addition to meal-type and size. An untimely meal can disturb the body’s ability to metabolize food and reduce the natural fat burning as well.

Considering these findings, the best approach for diabetic patients is to re-organize their eating timings. Not only it will maintain their sugar level but also save them from a number of diabetes-associated diseases.

Dinner is often an ignored meal of the day where people pay almost no attention to what and when they are eating. They pay more attention to breakfast and lunch as they are energetic and fresh at that time. But dinner, being the last meal of the day doesn’t get the same recognition and attention that it needs. And that’s why people tend to eat dinner mindlessly. However, for

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