New Restrictions to be Imposed to Stop Coronavirus Risks in England

coronavirus risks in England

The government of the UK is announcing newer measures to help tackle the current coronavirus situation. Restaurants and pubs may be shut down during this time in areas that appear to have the greatest of coronavirus risks in England.

It appears there could also be a restriction on staying overnight in areas that have high risks such as the Midlands and the North.

Robert Jenrick is a community Secretary; he says the government is currently under the process of considering what should be done about the current situation.

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What appears likely to happen is that 3 tier systems might be introduced into local lockdowns to limit coronavirus risks in England.

Under these new systems, parts of the country will be divided into separate categories, right now however ministers have still not agreed upon what the precise ways this will happen or of how the strictest level of these restrictions will be carried out in the coming days.

Although the official decision on the extent or time of the new closures hasn’t been announced or made yet, a formal announcement is only expected to come around Monday.

According to the latest coronavirus figures, the number of coronavirus positive cases has increased by 17,540. Looking at figures from Wednesday the increase has been of 3,378 with an additional 77 deaths from the lethal virus.

Current data suggest that the major increases are coming from the hospitality sectors, specifically from young age groups. Mr. Jenrick says its common sense to understand that the more people stay at places like restaurants and pubs the more they are likely to come into proximity of possible transmitters.

He thinks drinking will only lead to some people breaking the rules because the likelihood only increases with the number of drinks someone has.

He believes it’s good to take action instead of waiting for a very specifically collected intricate quality of epidemiological data to come to the situation.

While Mr. Jenrick does not eliminate the possibilities of shutting down pubs and restaurants to limit coronavirus risks in England, he does specify that there will be a response to the outbreaks and that it will be localized.

The government as Mr. Jenrick explains is trying to maintain a sort of consistency in the rules they are devising to impose so that people are less confused and their lives are not affected if they drive from one region to the next or even over the border.

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Since the rising coronavirus infections are posing a large risk to NHS and can overwhelm them if the outbreaks aren’t controlled in time. The action of the government is becoming more and more important.

In Scotland the rules are already being put in place to control the infections, restaurants and pubs are being closed in central Scotland and all hospitality places are restricted from serving alcohols inside the premises of restaurants or pubs. They also have a time limitation on when they can open in a bid to control infections.

According to Health minister Nadine Dorries, these measures are required if critical stage hospital admissions are to be stopped from occurring in the first place.

By Monday however, the public will be made aware hopefully of what new restrictions lie ahead for the time being.

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