Most Frequently Asked Questions to a Sex Educator

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Sarah Mulindwa stars in the famous show, The Sex Clinic by E4 and is a sex educator and nurse by profession. The purpose of this tv show is to educate people about problems with their sex lives, relationships, and bodies.

Each episode introduces new patients and Sarah helps to answer their concerns and challenges in life. despite negating the presence of sex educators, they are high in demand because most people are in need of answers.

The 34- years old Sarah shares the most frequently asked questions to her, relating to sex. The first question that she is asked the most, as a sex educator is that can someone get a sexually transmitted infection from oral sex?

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The answer to this question is yes, in fact, one of the most common sexually transmitted infection, chlamydia is usually transmitted through oral sex. But the infection itself may not show any symptoms for a very long time which is why many patients are clueless about their condition and they keep on spreading it.

Those who get symptoms experience painful urination. Infected women may experience vaginal discharges and painful sex. Sometimes it also results in vaginal bleeding.

Another concern of people somehow relates to the on-going pandemic. They want to know if sleeping with any new person is safe or not, under the new social distancing policies. Although the health experts emphasize limiting yourself to a single partner it may be impossible for some people.

After the lockdown is lifted, it is highly likely that you meet someone, like them, and end up sleeping with them. But the sex educator says that before sleeping with anyone if you get yourself and your partner tested for sexually transmitted infections and coronavirus, it is safe. But if someone is showing the obvious signs of COVID-19 i.e. cough, sneezing, it is better to avoid it.

Most women ask about how to achieve an orgasm during intercourse as it may be impossible for them. Experts say that only 1/3rd of all women are able to achieve orgasm during intercourse and 2/3rd are left unsatisfied and need other things to get it.

But sex educator Sarah Mulindwa believes that it is possible through the extra clitoral stimulation. Some of the sex toys put pressure on the clitoris while they are penetrated inside the vagina. These types of toys work best for women who need extra stimulation.

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Some people are worried about their chances of getting pregnant with the pulling out method. Sarah says it is still possible to get pregnant even with the withdrawal method because the penis releases pre-cum that goes straight inside the vagina. However, these chances are fewer but it doesn’t mean you can rely on the pulling out method. She recommends other contraceptive methods for the complete assurance of an unwanted pregnancy.

It is also observed that people are confused about using condoms. Some of them think that wearing one condom per partner is normal for vaginal and anal sex both. However, sex educator says the otherwise. Each of these activities requires a new condom; that’s how the chances of getting infected are minimized.

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