Botched Dental Surgery which Left a Woman in Constant Pain

Botched Dental Surgery

Alyson Sheppard, a 46 years old woman from Hull is living a miserable life for the last three years after she went through a botched dental surgery in 2017. This surgery left her suffering from an unexplainable pain and inability to close her jaw, shattering her confidence completely.

After this botched dental surgery, she was unable to eat anything and she reported anything that she ate felt like she has broken glass pieces inside her mouth. Every single meal that she took after the surgery added up to her wretchedness and she was only eating soft, liquidy food but thankfully, she is now receiving treatment for it.

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Antony, Alyson’s husband has told that his wife was experiencing confidence related issues feeling her life has no meaning or purpose after this surgery that she underwent in November 2017. He also told that watching her wife like this was extremely heartbreaking and despite how much he wanted to help her, he couldn’t help her.

Alyson says that anything that she ate felt like she is eating broken glass pieces so the meal times for her during the last three years were scary and full of misery. She can not eat anything that she once liked or want to eat; she is only living on soft mushy food to survive.

Ever since childhood, Alyson had weak bones which is why she also experienced teeth related problems. She is lactose intolerant and she is unable to extract calcium from any dairy source. So the only way to take calcium for her was through the calcium supplements which made her teeth weak.

Doctors reveal that she has inherited this from her parents, both of which lost their teeth during a young age which is rare. Additionally, Alyson’s sister also lost all of her teeth at a young age. Alyson was also fearing this to affect her which is why she started to look for dentures a few years ago.  However, the doctors identified that too much of her bones are gone and the gums become terribly weak to support anything like dentures.

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Alyson can’t eat anything except soft foods because of soreness in her gums, she also has wounds, ulcers, and cuts in her mouth and experience difficulty in sleeping due to her pain. Her husband says that she has no purpose in life, and the way people look at her makes her mental health even worse.

It is a difficult thing to live with and it is obviously a huge strain on their relationship but Alyson and husband are trying to hold up, supporting each other in this. The couple is now going to  Greg Paysden, a licensed dentist who is working on dental implants without charging anything. But the couple needs £10,000 for the materials that’s why they are using a fundraiser to arrange the funds.




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