Mcdonald’s Will Reopen Under New Rules Tomorrow

Mcdonald’s will reopen

In earlier months coronavirus forced McDonald’s to shut down. Tomorrow it Mcdonald’s will reopen its branches to people in specific areas.

People will now walk inside and collect their food themselves.

Most restaurants under preventative guidelines shut down in countries worldwide. This action ensured the observation of social distancing orders.

The dangerous spread of coronavirus makes most brands and restaurants rethink space and sanitation. McDonald’s being no different was shut since March. Managements were working diligently to figure out safer ways to serve and attend to customers again.

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At first, the only delivery option came as a solution for delivery, later drive-thrus became a possibility, and now several hundred delivery restaurants and drive-thrus are a reality.

11 a.m. on a Wednesday, people will enjoy meals at McDonald’s branches again. The reopening however does not come without restrictions for safety.

Paul Pomroy, McDonald’s UK Chief executive, says a closed test last month in London has led the branches pleased to announce the Mcdonald’s will reopen. He says click, collect and takeaway options will be available to customers under the new rules.

From 17 June, on Wednesday, motorway users will be welcomed into 11 locations of Roadchef service stations for the first time since March. These customers will step inside the branches for the first time in months.

He says they are taking their time making the right decision. He says McDonald’s processes are being reviewed and if things go right, gradually branches in high streets, city centers, and towns will reopen after 24 June.

Under the new regulations for safety, efforts are being done to keep not only customers safe but also the staff responsible to keep the branches working.

The safety change made by McDonald’s includes several things. There will be clear signposting on the branch property, including markings on the floor to make a one-way route system around the restaurants to aid both customers and delivery, courier partners.

Mcdonald’s will reopen keeping in mind the layout and size of the restaurant, will limit the number of customers. Social distancing guidelines will take place within the premises.

Customers will enter only on the availability of space in the restaurant.

People are to abide by the rules and sanitize their hands. Proper allotted stations for cleaning are available.

Fewer order screens will be available for use. Workers will sanitize available screens every 30 minutes. The option of ordering through My McDonald’s app will also be available.

Pomroy says he puts his employees first and will only proceed onto the next stage if he’s confident about the safety of those he is responsible for.

The rules allow children to enter. Mcdonald’s has however sealed play areas including those that are digital. Colouring sheets and crayons are also no longer available to entertain children.

Customer toilets and lifts will not be in use for any customer. Seating areas are also no longer available.

Points for recycling will also not be available.

All these changes come in addition to the changes some customers might have already grown accustomed to. These include using drive-thrus or accessing other delivery restaurants.

These changes include barrier screens made from Perspex. Drive-thru windows and service areas provide extra protective equipment for the safety of the McDonald’s team.

Customer service workers including courier position workers wear disposable gloves. As an effective medium of protection these workers also wear masks and face coverings.

Another happy news for McDonald’s customers is that McDonald’s will launch its trial breakfast service in a limited number of restaurants from June 24.

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