“KNOW Bio” Acquires “Clinical Sensors” To Advance Diabetes Management Through Advanced Technology 

KNOW Bio is a North Carolina based company that has acquired a new nitric oxide-based medical technology. Along with some other companies working in biotechnology, KNOW Bio is trying to make reforms by technological interventions, especially for diabetes. Today Know Bio announced its acquisition Clinical Sensors Inc and renamed it as Diabetic Health Inc. (DHI).

KNOW Bio, LLC has a variety of applications to reformulate the companies that are affiliated with it and reformulate the levels of health and care in case of many diseases and conditions. KNOW Bio is a developed company and its main focus is to make reforms in the field of nitric oxide.

Two other companies, named, Vast Therapeutics, Inc, and PhotonMD, also came up from the KNOW Bio company.

Diabetic Health, Inc. works to develop the diagnostic artifices and the coatings that improve the properties of nitric oxide-based medical technology and it is a research-based development company.

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The CEO and managing director, Neal Hunter, of KNOW Bio, find that the team that is specified for the Diabetes Health Inc. by the company has all the capabilities to develop the nitrous oxide-based medical technology and they can also take help from the work which has been already done by the team of KNOW Bio.

This nitrous oxide-based technology is really helpful for the members and resources who are affiliated with KNOW Bio, working to enhance the nitric oxide technology for diabetes patients. This technology is the need for patients to fight against diabetes and is much valuable for the shareholders of KNOW Bio.

The former CEO of Clinical Sensors and the COO and president of Diabetes Health Inc. (DHI), Philippe Chelma, remarks that today, millions of people are suffering from diabetes and the number of diabetes patients is increasing day by day. In this need of the hour, the KNOW Bio is introducing advanced tools and technology for diabetes patients.

One of the advanced and new technologies of KNOW Bio is nitrogen-based medical technology and this technology is helpful to develop advanced and reformed coatings to minimize the painful or harmful effect of the foreign body in the insulin infusion sets and the Glucose Monitoring Sensors (CGM).

These sensors are much stable, biocompatible and significant in the daily lives of diabetes patients and in making the technology advanced and progressive.

The KNOW Bio will not work to make the therapeutic areas successful but also to advance the solutions which are anti-infective and used in the applications of diabetic foot ulcer treatments. The Company’s mission is to increase the management system so that maximum people, living with diabetes, can be benefited.

Dr. Stephen DeCherry, the chief medical officer of KNOW Bio, considers the sensors technology the most advanced because these sensors can read the blood sugar levels in diabetes patients.

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The increase in blood sugar level is the cause of diabetes and about 26 years before it was introduced that increased risks of diabetes can be reduced if we control the glucose level in our blood

Both the companies have released the looking forward statements expecting that might be these assumptions and expectations are given, which will help to control diabetes with advanced tools and technology.

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