Indian Robot Scientist Created a Toaster Size Ventilator for Coronavirus Patients

The AgVa ventilator is offering hope to India’s battle against the coronavirus pandemic and its demand is booming. This AgVa ventilator is made by a neurosurgeon and a robot scientist to support rapidly growing corona patients in India.

Coronavirus at its most deadly assaults the lungs while ventilators siphon breathable air into a patient that is basic for emergency clinics around the globe as they are overwhelmed with coronavirus cases.

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In India, a nationwide lockdown is in power due to the number of cases, the creation of AgVa’s portable ventilator has increased from five hundred every month to twenty thousand.

Deepak Agrawal is a neurosurgeon who has co-developed the device with robot scientist Diwakar Vaish says that there was no chance researchers could have predicted something as large as this pandemic.

India is facing a basic lack of ventilators and beds for more than one billion individuals as many other countries are also facing this issue. In the South Asian country, the coronavirus cases are reached 1600 and more than thirty people’s deaths have happened from COVID-19.

To help readiness for a flood in cases, the coronavirus linked exports even ventilators are banned by the Indian government.

The AgVa plant close to the capital New Delhi has been offered consent to work level out to make what could be a key weapon when India needs to completely stand up to the pandemic. The AgVa’s toaster-sized ventilators are highly demanded in India as India gets ready for a surge in coronavirus cases. 

Experts say that with the help of the AgVa ventilators, most of the patients can go back to their homes whose condition is less critical. This ventilator needs low power to work and is easy to transport and install. This AgVa ventilator weighs simply 3.5 kilos or 7.7 pounds.

Vaish said, “In case you want to convert a hotel into an ICU, you can simply put this device and start working as it doesn’t require other infrastructure,”

Maruti Suzuki, India’s greatest traveler vehicle creator, has promised to help AgVa increase creation after the administration approached all auto firms to add to the counter coronavirus exertion.

Vaish says that ICU care is over the top expensive. In the private part, even the most extravagant of the rich can’t manage the cost of it for quite a while.

Agrawal further adds that some expensive parts are avoided while designing this ventilator to keep its price low.

India has just around forty thousand ventilators, and specialists who have seen the coronavirus emergency detonate in Europe have cautioned this could turn into a catastrophic shortage for India.

The secretary-general of the Indian Medical Association, R.V. Asokan said that the AgVa convenient ventilator was the sort of development expected to fill wellbeing gaps.

Further says that It is a fundamental model that will serve in the present situation as it is a direct oxygenation device and it would help COVID-19 patients however not the individuals who have had transplants and other significant medical surgeries.

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Sunita Sharma, an Indian woman whose child was hospitalized for a long time with a devastating nerve condition and she was given one of the machines for nothing. 

She told AFP that she and her better half needed to remain with their son at the medical clinic and that influenced their lives. They were crushed when the specialists revealed that their child would need to spend his remaining life on a ventilator bed.

But at least rate now, they can remain at home to deal with their son and the remainder of the family.


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