Weddings in Coronavirus Pandemic – Are they Safe to Attend?

weddings in coronavirus pandemic

Since the majority of the countries around the world have now eased their restrictions regarding the coronavirus, many everyday activities and gatherings have started happening again. Weddings in coronavirus pandemic have been one of the most popular events especially after the end of three months lockdown.

However, though many are planning and holding wedding ceremonies, others are asking whether it is safe enough to attend a gathering with more than fifteen people even if the restrictions are not as strict before.

For the majority, turning down a wedding invitation especially from a close friend or relative politely is particularly hard. Nearly every person wants to attend the ceremony of someone who is close but given the current situation in the health crisis, the decision to actually going is difficult.

While the chances of coronavirus transmission during public gatherings can be lowered by following the recommended guidelines and implementing preventive measures, the truth is that going to an event with more than ten people is still risky.

Weddings which are planned and held indoors carry an even higher risk as practicing social distancing, which is mandatory to ensure safety, is hard.

In addition, airborne transmission of the coronavirus also occurs more often in indoor and crowded places with a lot of people. So, are weddings in coronavirus pandemic worth the risk?

According to health experts, there are a lot of factors to consider when making decisions regarding attending a particular event with a lot of people. Some of these can help in figuring whether the risk of contracting the virus is low.

For instance, the area and place of a ceremony can make a big difference. Weddings held in an area where the infection is controlled to an extent will not only have lower chances of coronavirus spread but will also ensure the guidelines for gatherings are met.

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Similarly, if the wedding is comparatively smaller and has a small guest list, it is safer than bigger ceremonies with large crowds. In addition to the wedding ceremony, assessing one’s own health is also important.

Putting it more precisely, people who are known to be at a higher risk of catching the virus as well as developing a severe form of the infection should avoid all gatherings even the restrictions have been eased.

This includes older adults, people with existent health conditions such as diabetes, heart diseases, and those with a weakened immune system.

Avoiding weddings during coronavirus pandemic due to health concerns is a valid reason especially for people in vulnerable groups. While one cannot control the reaction from friends and family, it is important to let them know the truth.

To turn down an invitation politely, inform them about health concerns due to the worsening conditions of the pandemic and do not make any other excuses.

Cards and gifts for the newly married couple can also be sent on the wedding day as a goodwill gesture. Remember that health is more important and should be a priority. Prevention is always better than treatment especially in the case of coronavirus.


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