ICU Expert Says Stricter Measures are Needed to Control Coronavirus Cases in the UK

coronavirus cases in the UK

As coronavirus cases in the UK continue to go up, the government has set in place a 3 tier system to help contain the spread but now ICU experts in Manchester are proposing for a stricter rule to be imposed.

Dr. Indy Kapila is one such expert in Manchester, he is an intensive care consultant and he believes that if restrictions are made stricter than what the government has in mind, the threat could be efficiently evaded without further surges.

He says there is an obvious need for rules to be set into place to steady the spread of the lethal coronavirus, this in turn will also decrease the number of coronavirus patients filing into hospitals for treatment and will subsequently reduce coronavirus cases in the UK that need intensive care.

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He points out that the BMA is calling for a national prevention procedure or strategy which will mean that the number of people allowed to meet will be reduced. He thinks the rule of 6 should be replaced by a rule of 2. A better medical mask should also be supplied and reserved for those over the age of 60 or those that are most susceptible to the virus.

There was also a call for better testing and tracing facilities.

He believes if such restrictions are set in place the government may have a chance at reducing and possibly stopping coronavirus cases in the UK.

Currently, as many as 6 million people in the country will be facing difficult coronavirus lockdowns in the following days. This is happening because both Manchester and Wales which is the nation’s biggest city is suffering from rising surges in cases and thus require a firm hand of restrictions to limit the cases and stop the transmission from happening.

The country has thus far found 16,982 latest cases occurring on a daily basis within the span of 24 hours, as per data issued by the government. On the day before however, the number was 16,717.

Right now the Welsh devolved government is bidding time to announce what is being referred to as a ‘fire break’ outbreak preventative measures that will hope to contain the lethal virus.

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The country’s struggle with the virus is no joke, with recorded deaths as high as 40,000, England has faced the largest share of deaths by coronavirus during the beginning of the pandemic compared to all of Europe.

Right now the hotspots for the virus appear to be near the northern areas of Ireland while earlier that spot used to be London. Now however England is operating on a system with 3 tiers, this means different areas have varying restrictions placed on them according to the situation of coronavirus cases there.

Areas such as Lancashire in England have also been raised to the 3 tier alert system and will also experience varying new restrictions to help control the cases in the area.

Communities Secretary, Robert Jenrick, believes waiting to impose restrictions will only put more and more people at risk for catching the virus. He hopes to reach an agreement with the MP’s of the region so restrictions will be able to be set in place.

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