How to Travel Safely During Holiday Season

travel during holiday season

In the past year, over one hundred million people in the US were estimated to travel during the holiday season in order to see their family and friends. However, the majority may plan this year’s gatherings and events differently due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, which may also make it impossible to travel.

At the moment, the total number of confirmed infections in the country has crossed six million and the death toll is getting higher day by day. Instead of decreasing, the cases are expected to go up further as the elections and holidays come nearer.

This means that more people will go out to vote or to prepare for plans during holidays, leading to a higher chance of coming into contact with an infected person and multiple coronavirus outbreaks.

Another factor that can contribute significantly to the spread of the virus is the rise of coronavirus fatigue. Since coronavirus-related restrictions have been a part of everyday life since the start of the year, many people are now becoming tired of following them.

As a result, more and more people are meeting with friends, going out without masks, and not following other guidelines as strictly as they did before as well.

Since there is a chance that the pandemic can worsen even further in the last days of 2020, many people are now asking whether it is safe to travel during the holiday season in order to meet with family and friends.

However, there is no single answer to this question as many airlines are taking precautionary measures to reduce the risk of transmission of the coronavirus as much as possible since flight reservations and travel has gone down by eighty-nine percent.

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In addition to the measures taken by airlines on and offboard, the U.S. Centre for Disease Control and Prevention suggests people to also not forget to follow guidelines such as wearing a mask themselves.

During a flight, try to wear masks all the time and try to not come into contact with people physically. Avoid touching surfaces as much as possible and sanitize hands when needed.

Upon arrival, do not rush and meet family/friends but change clothes and wash hands, arms, and face properly. There are also several other instructions by the CDC on how to travel safely, plan gatherings, and celebrate with a low risk of coronavirus spread.

While all of the guidelines decrease the risk of coronavirus, the safest way to celebrate is with a few people at home. The CDC recommends people who are at a higher risk of developing coronavirus complications to avoid traveling and staying away from people as much as possible.

If travel during the holiday season is essential, try going via car instead of through air but in case taking a flight is the only option, be cautious and do not forget to follow the recommended guidelines as studies have shown the risk of spread is low if all people onboard wear masks and follow other protocols.

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