How to Prevent Catching the Coronavirus Infection?

The outbreak of the deadly coronavirus infection from China has caused much concern around the globe. Consequently, man countries are taking various preventive measures to stop the virus from spreading further and affecting more people.

Recently, the virus has also been detected in multiple countries including the United States, France, and Australia. As a result, these countries, as well as a number of others, are imposing travel restrictions on people traveling from and to any part of China.

In addition, the United Kingdom, followed by the US and others, have started screening incoming passengers for the coronavirus infection in order to prevent the disease from spreading.

The World Health Organization, on the other hand, has also declared official guidelines for the prevention of the disease. In fact, the chief of WHO almost deemed the coronavirus infection outbreak as a public health emergency. The chief and is expected to meet Chinese government officials soon to discuss potential solutions for the widespread health issue.

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While there are multiple measures being discussed and taken at an international level, people are also advised to follow instructions by the World Health Organization to avoid catching coronavirus infection.

Although the infection causes symptoms similar to severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), health experts suggest it is not as deadly. In fact, the people who are more likely to catch the infection or lose their lives are those with an existent chronic health condition or with comprised immune systems.

People who are otherwise healthy can successfully avoid catching the infection by following some of the instructions such as the follows:

Maintaining Distance

Since the coronavirus infection causes symptoms similar to those of a common cold, health experts recommend maintaining a distance from anyone with the signs as it can potentially turn out to be coronavirus flu.

Stay Away from Animals

People who are traveling within or to China are especially advised to follow this step. The coronavirus is said to come from animal markets in China and it is mandatory to stay away from any animal places, especially seafood markets.

Washing Hands 

One of the most effective steps for avoiding coronavirus infection includes washing hands frequently with soap or handwash throughout the day. Wash hands immediately after coming into contact with a sick person. Carrying hand sanitizer is also suggested.

Limit Outdoor Time 

As the infection is almost a public health emergency at a global level, it is better to limit time spent outdoors for cutting down the risk of coming into contact with an infected person. This is particularly important for people living in affected areas.

Report Symptoms At Time 

Like in the case of any other health condition, coronavirus infection can also only be successfully managed only if it is reported on time. The sooner the symptoms are noted and professional help is sought, the higher are the chances of recovery.

If the signs of a common cold last for longer than two or three days, consult a doctor or a health professional immediately.

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