How Much Moisturizer Should You Use?

How much moisturizer

It sounds odd, but many people are confused about how much moisturizer does their skin need. Because there is no such parameter of measuring moisturizer and how often it should be in the user’s skin. But how to know if a person is using too little or too much moisturizer?

The general guidelines of “use as per needed, twice a day” doesn’t work well on everyone. Everyone has different skin and their skin moisture requirement is also different.

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Beauty brands often share ‘standard guidelines’ on skincare. All these moistures come with a usage guide but that is universal and doesn’t help if someone has different needs.

It is necessary to have knowledge about all basic skincare products including the moisturizer. The purpose of all this is to make sure that a user is not using too little or too much moisturizer.

The meaning of skincare is different or everyone. People have different types of skins, their routine is different, their climate is different. They also prefer different types of products to pamper their skin.

While many people use a moisturizer like there it’s their last chance and always ends up using too much moisturizer. On the other side, victims of those who search ‘ how much moisturizer should I use’ take out a pea-size. But eventually, still, feel dryness because apparently this ‘pea-size’ lotion or cream was not enough for them.

What to do? How much moisturizer is normal for every person? The results would probably relieve you as there are no ‘fixed’ rules on using a moisturizer.

Most of the skincare companies emphasize on using a pea-size moisturizer for the face or hands. But what they forget to mention in guidelines is that

  • Everyone has a different preference
  • Moisturizer quantity is dependent upon climate
  • Different types of moisturizers should be used for different body parts

Skincare routine has a number of products involved. Cleanser, toner, scrub, and eventually moisturizer or serums. When it comes to the ‘cleaning’ products, like cleanser, toner, and exfoliant, it is better to use them generously. But for moisturizer, make more precise calculation on how much would be enough for the face.

Take an account of skin type, weather, daily routine, and type of moisturizer that is in usage. If moisturizer and sunscreen are two separate products, it is necessary to use almost the same amount of both. while using a moisturizer with sunscreen in it, using it generously is a wise decision.

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For other body parts like hands, feet, or body, try using more specific products. On questioning how much moisturizer goes on hands or body, the answer is ‘as much as you want’.

The face is a more sensitive part were using more than a required moisturizer can result in skin problems like acne. But for hands, feet, and body, there is no such risk. But it is better to use a different type of moisturizer on the body. The face moisturizer is rather light and more ‘breathable and body moisturizer is thick and heavy.

Use any brand as per individual liking. But be careful about how much moisturizer do you take out and use on the skin.


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