Sweden Reports One Hundred Percent Increase in Coronavirus Cases

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Recently, there have been reports of a decrease in the infection rate of coronavirus around the globe. In the coming months, the number of new cases may go down further due to the distribution of coronavirus vaccinations in multiple countries.

While positive changes may hint at the end of the global health crisis, the pandemic may still be far from over. Although the global average of new infections is lower, several outbreaks have been reported in the US.

Currently, the US has the highest number of active infections along with mortality rates. Regardless of the country’s vaccine distribution programs, the daily increase in cases is still a big concern.

Along with the US, Sweden is also reporting a massive increase in coronavirus cases and deaths. In the last three weeks, there was a one hundred percent increase in new infections in the capital Stockholm.

In comparison with other countries, Sweden’s response to the pandemic has been very different. It is the only major country that has not imposed a lockdown for coronavirus control up till now.

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Other countries have had at least one complete economic lockdown since the start of the coronavirus pandemic. In fact, the United Kingdom is currently in the middle of its second lockdown after several new outbreaks of the virus.

Due to the rising number of cases, Swedish health officials have given several warnings regarding the need for measures to control the infection.

The prime minister of Sweden, Stefan Lofven, has also commented on the coronavirus surge in the country, saying that Scandanavian states may need to impose lockdowns and other similar measures for preventing further spread of the virus.

With new variants of the SARS-CoV-2 virus rapidly emerging, there is a need for stricter policies not only in Sweden and Scandinavian states but also all over the world.

Last week, two need strains of the virus have been detected in the US states of California and New York. Both of these variants have been linked to increased risk of severe coronavirus infection, hospitalization, and mortality rate.

Additionally, a much bigger concern is that these strains may also be resistant to the vaccinations. Although there is a need for further research, the risk should be enough for countries to consider lockdowns and similar control measures again.

According to scientists, lockdowns will not only bring down the number of cases and deaths but also keep new strains from emerging. Without multiple hosts, viruses are unlikely to mutate.

A higher number of people following coronavirus guidelines means that the spread is lower. As a result, there will be fewer cases of infection and decreased chances of new variants of the virus emerging.

Therefore, staying and home and taking coronavirus precautions including wearing a mask, practicing social distancing, and avoiding crowded places is recommended.

In the coming weeks, it is especially important to stay at home as the number of cases is expected to increase significantly with more and more people spending time in public spaces.


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