Hot Weather may Make the Penis to ‘Appear Big’ in Some Men

big penis

UK is under a mild heatwave which could cause health problems in some people. But it looks like it has some ‘weird’ impact on men. When the temperature goes above 30C it is common to see people struggling with sweat and heat rash and fatigue. But men, in particular, may notice something which is unexplainable otherwise- an increase in the size of their penis.

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It sounds weird but it is true. Many men have reported a phenomenon that they have named ‘summer penis’. In this condition, the bulge in their pants appears bigger than its original size which may give an illusion of being ‘huge’.

Note that it is not the same as “summer penile syndrome” which is a medical condition. The itchy and painful sores and bites that appear on the genitals are referred to as summer penile syndrome but this heat linked size increase is free from pain or discomfort.

The “Summer penis” term was first used by the MEL Magazine, two years ago. Initially, people assumed it’s a myth but medical experts, later on, revealed that’s its true.

Jamin Brahmbhatt, a urologist from Orlando confirms it saying that high temperature can change the appearance and size of the penis. But the real size remains the same. It never changes.

When the outside’s temperature is low, the human body tries everything to maintain heat for surviving. So the body’s natural response is to shrink the skin and retain internal heat. So the penis will look smaller than the actual size but it doesn’t mean that the size decreases in winter.

Likewise, when the temperature is high outside, the body tries to release the internal heat which is why people tend to sweat a lot in summer. This excessive water loss can cause dehydration which explains why you feel more thirsty in summer. But a combination of this sweat release and hydration process, the skin looks bloated. The bloating around the genital area gives it an illusion of being big in size.

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So it doesn’t mean that the male organ increases its size in summer. It’s just how one looks at it.  Dr. Dudley Danoff, who has written The Ultimate Guide To Male Sexual Health has also mentioned this summer penis phenomenon in his book.

He says it is because of the vasodilation, allowing the body to widen the blood vessels. When the temperature is high outside, the blood vessels fill their full capacity of blood and run it. And this increased blood flow can give a delusion of erection.

While this sounds pleasing, it is not something to celebrate. It is a normal part of the human body functions and there is nothing to worry about. It goes away on its own when the temperature settles.


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