170 People Diagnosed With Coronavirus After Attending a Wedding

new cases of coronavirus infection

Recently, there has been tremendous growth in the number of new cases of coronavirus infection in almost all states in the US. Health experts have deemed the prevailing false sense of security as the number one reason behind the increase. Many people are catching the virus primarily due to not following basic guidelines for prevention.

At the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic, the U.S. Centre for Disease Control and Prevention had advised people to avoid going out in public spaces as well as gathering in crowds in order to reduce the virus transmission rates.

Over time, small public gatherings were allowed and people were able to come together for different ceremonies. However, the CDC had also advised staying cautious even on occasions that do not include a large number of people as coronavirus can spread even in places with less than fifteen people.

The basic guidelines for the prevention of coronavirus spread at any event include maintaining social distancing, wearing a mask, and avoiding physical contact. In addition, the place of the particular ceremony or gathering is also equally important.

Prior to planning the main event, the place should be selected carefully and certain factors should also be checked including the prevalence of coronavirus in the chosen venue and whether the place is following instructions for lowering coronavirus transmission.

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Ceremonies and occasions which are held in areas that have controlled the virus spread to an extent are safer than those in places with a high number of cases.

Overall, the CDC suggests keeping the time of the planned event as short as possible and to practice all guidelines so that there is little to no virus transmission. Failing to do so can quickly turn a small gathering into a coronavirus hotspot.

For instance, a wedding which was recently planned and held in Maine has caused around one hundred and seventy cases. According to reports, this is, so far, the largest coronavirus outbreak of the state even though the wedding was not a big event.

More specifically, the state’s health department found that the virus from the wedding traveled across the country within a time period of seven to fourteen days only.

In fact, the virus spread from Maine was also traced to outbreaks in the York County Jail in Alfred, Maplecrest Rehab, and Living Center in Madison. So far, eight people have lost their lives within a time span of two weeks after the wedding.

The wedding shows how fast can the novel coronavirus spread across a country or even the world. Any people who came into contact with attendees of the wedding contracted the virus.

The primary reason for the super spread was not following preventive measures. Reports on the wedding show that as many as sixty-two people were not wearing masks, dancing, and communicating in ways that can easily transmit the virus.

In addition, health experts also state that this shows how smaller events can also be risky and cause new cases of coronavirus infection. No matter what the size of a gathering is, if people do not comply with safety instructions, they are going to catch and spread the virus.

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