Famous Echo Friendly Herbicide that Can Kill Coronavirus in 10 Seconds

Kill Coronavirus in 10 Seconds

The trials on a common herbicide Foamstream reveal that it can easily kill coronavirus within 10 seconds only, marking its success rate 99.99%. Formstream is an eco-friendly weed killer that is used all across Europe mainly in the UK to get rid of unwanted herbs.

This makes Foamstream the first and probably the fastest acting product to kill coronavirus and that too in 10 seconds only. Products like these are highly desirable for controlling the spread of viral particles, scientists believe.

Discovering this new product to kill coronavirus in almost 10 seconds is good news as it may improve public safety and control the spread of coronavirus in highly crowded places.

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The method used by Foamstream is that it uses the hot water to spray the plant, once the outer waxy layer is removed by the hot water, the chemicals can easily make it to the steam and roots and kill them.

Typically, the coronavirus is weakened when they are exposed to heat that is above 56 C. On temperature above this, the killing rate of the virus becomes higher.

This study on Foamstream on analyzing its potential to kill coronavirus was independently carried out by based BluTest Laboratories, a company from Glasgow. According to their experts, using this safe and echo friendly herbicide to kill coronavirus may help to control the pandemic.

The heat from the hot water and the weed-killing substances create more of a blanket which makes it impossible to get out to live. The envelope created by the heat breaks down its pathogenicity and kills the virus eventually.

Weedingtec, an environmentally friendly company founded by two billionaires manufacture Foamstream. After getting safety approval, it is using everywhere mainly in the US and UK as a safe alternative of traditional herbicides.

Foamstream was designed to kill the unwanted weeds, algae, and even moss that grows on its own within green belts, parks, and also in streets.

Leo de Montaignac who is CEO of the Weedingtec says that they have recently discovered other potential benefits of their product other than the weed control. Killing the deadly coronavirus with this herbicide and that too with this remarkable success rate sounds great. And it is probably much needed at this moment when the virus is completely out of the hands.

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After the lockdown has ended and restrictions are relaxed, local businesses, offices, and schools are opening and it seems like life is getting back to normal. But is it really getting back to normal? Is it safe to freely roam around as if this virus was never there?

The health experts believe it is hard to answer this. While the incidence of the virus has decreased there is no way to determine public safety. Although local governments are reporting lesser or almost no new cases, the World Health Organization has warned that the pandemic is not over yet. It means that the threats still remain and the health of millions of people is at a risk.

In this situation, effective pandemic management and products like Foamstream can help to destroy the viral particles completely, making sure that they don’t spread.


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