Face Masks for Pets is the Worst Idea Ever- Here is Why

Face Masks for Pets

During the coronavirus, a new trend is seen where pet-owners are using and promoting face masks for pets but this simple looking mask can kill them.

This pandemic has caused various businesses to end but many new business are emerging, one of which is a face mask. Not only the medical-grade face masks but companies are also now making face masks for pets, face masks for babies, and whatnot. While doctors have already warned about using face masks on kids, are these masks safe for pets?

Definitely not. Here is why.

People urge to save their pets form the deadly virus and their idea of making them safe is to let them wear a face mask. More insane than it sounds, these face masks could be deadly for the pets. So not the coronavirus pandemic but a simple-looking mask can surely kill a pet.

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Dr. Melissa Meehan a certified veterinary doctor from Australia shares that face mask can trigger severe stress in pets and in the worst case, they can die. Are you sure that you are putting these masks on your pets to ‘save’ them?

While talking to Yahoo news she said that she treats stress-ridden cats and dogs and this stress is most likely to show up as a behavioral change. It is so obvious that there is no way that a person can ‘not’ see it. So putting a face mask on their face will only make them more anxious. She says people have no idea what they are inviting.

According to Dr. Meehan, the face masks for pets affect their breathing which triggers stress in their bodies. If worn for a long time, these masks can bring about a panic attack that could kill them.

The risk is highest for the brachycephalic breeds more than the rest.

Daniel Andrews, who is the Premier of Victoria is one of those people who are using these masks. In his public post, he has made his golden retriever named Ted to wear it.

Ted is a support dog but it is probably not a very wise idea to put his health in danger by imposing a face mask on him.

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Lara Shannon is a dog behavior expert who has openly criticized Daniel’s action. According to her, those who have a prominent place in society should ‘act’ more responsibly so the others can pick up an example.

She also says that majority of public is still confused about coronavirus management steps at a personal level. When they will see someone endorsing these face masks for pets online, they will follow the ‘trend’.

It is understandable that wearing a mask is important for controlling new coronavirus cases but somehow that applies to humans only and not the pets. Anything that is putting pets’ health to danger should not be promoted even if it is a face mask.


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