A New Pocket-size And Affordable Ultrasound Scanner Is Now Available In Markets

Today, Clarius Mobile Health has launched its second-generation series of wireless ultrasound scanners in Vancouver. This new pocket-sized ultrasound scanner provides better image quality and it is not at all expensive in comparison with those fancy, huge machines in a diagnostic laboratory. Millions of professionals don’t have access to imaging facilities whenever needed, especially in an emergency. This hand-held ultrasound is a revolutionary product for patients, which need a quick scan as well as for patients by helping them to quickly check the patient. The company first released these handheld ultrasound devices in 2016.

Clarius is on a mission to design and produce precise, easy-to-use and reasonable ultrasound machines that all medical professionals can use. The new hand-held wireless ultrasound scanners can be attached with phones and the doc can see high-resolution ultrasound images on phone. Otherwise, this same image is achieved on heavy, high-end machinery and it takes so much time to get the scan reports.

Clarius has made multiple handheld scanners all of which are available in price $6,900 to $9,900. There is a huge variety in these scanners, a person can pick from the currently available inexpensive black and white image C3 model to a full-color L7 premium scanner to the latest models.

Usually, during an emergency, the doctor puts all his efforts to guess what’s happening inside the patient. It is also necessary to know where to inject, where to handle internal bleeding and the internal injuries in case of an accident.

The company is using high performance, efficient and advanced machines which are usually expensive and not available for everyone. This new product is a real help as the medical community can use it easily, anytime and anywhere.

Till the date, downsizing the product and price usually ended up on a product that was not as good as the original machinery. So the small size ultrasound machinery before this year didn’t produce the clear image quality and was difficult to operate. However, these second-generation devices are nearly half in size as compared to the original machinery.

Also, it is eight times efficient in processing among top handheld scanners brands. This results in a faster image building that is of high resolution, clearer and detailed. This way, it helps the medical professionals to make a diagnosis.

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This new line up has two multi-purpose scanners and four scanners all of which work best for special cases such as sports medicine and anesthesia. It works equally good as a $25,000 worth but at a much cheaper price.

Dr. Raymond Tangan anesthesiologist at Vancouver General Hospital calls it an “amazing technology” which is able to perform the same high-quality ultrasound function. It comes handy and allows doing a rapid scan while giving injections or right before surgery. Medical practitioners that operate from remote areas and emergency medical camps will get significant benefit from it.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has first approved the Clarius ultrasound scanner in December 2016, and Health Canada allowed it in January 2017. The scanners can be used in teaching environment and medical diagnostics.


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