Eye-lash Extensions Went Horribly Wrong for Austrian Instagram Model

Eye-lash Extensions Went Wrong

Conny Hawk is a 29 years old Instagram model who has been getting eye-lash extensions for the last few years. She never experienced any problem in all these years but her last appointment was no less than a nightmare as her eye-lash extensions went wrong leading her to hospital emergency. She says that she may never be able to forget this experience.

She gets her eyelash extensions from a local salon in Vienna but last month, her routine extension appointment took a dangerous turn. Conny had to rush to the emergency after her eyes started to swell and immense pain.

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Eye-lash extension is a simple and risk-free procedure that is highly unlikely to cause a problem. But for Conny things took a dangerous turn when it initiated a painful infection in her eyes.

Although Conny has been to this salon before there was no problem in her treatment which is why she choose this salon again to renew her lashes. The procedure was the same during all her appointments but after her last procedure, she felt something is wrong. She was experiencing minor burning in her right eye which she ignored at first. And only an hour later, it felt like nothing.

When Conny woke up the next day she noticed a little swelling in her right eye but it wasn’t something that could hint her about the infection. She was surprised to see the swelling but chose to ignore it assuming there might be something else. Eventually, the swelling started to go really bad and the next day, Conny was rushing to the hospital because her eyelid was clearly infected.

Conny remained in the hospital for one day under observation. The doctor suspects that the eyelash glue probably spilled and made it to her eye. This glue made her eyelid infected from inside.

There are very rare cases where the eye-lash extensions went wrong and for most of the people, it is simple and harmless. But if the hygienic conditions are not followed or the staff doing it is unprofessional, untrained, or distracted, it is possible for it to go wrong and initiate an infection.

The health experts warn people to pay attention to their choice of salons. It is better to evaluate the hygienic conditions of a place that they are considering for their next treatment. If not satisfied, it is better to let that option go and find another salon or clinic with fewer risks involved.

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For Conny, the complete recovery would take a few weeks. But her doctors suspect that she might need surgery if there is no improvement in her condition.

Upon inquiry with the salon, they straight away refused to accept this negligence. Even if it was an honest mistake, they are reluctant to accept it or take responsibility. Conny has shared her story with the public warning them to evaluate the risks of any procedure or place before the things go out of the hands.

The area around the eyes is extremely sensitive and any procedure that involves touching or dealing with this are should be pre-assessed for the risks. For more concerns related to the safety level of these cosmetic procedures, talk to your nearest healthcare unit.




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