Cutlers Gift $15 million to University Hospitals To Improve Men’s Healthcare Facilities In Cleveland

Healthcare facilities for men are insufficient as less than 50% of men have access to a primary care provider, says research published in the Journal of Family Medicine and Primary Care. That is why the life expectancy of people is much less than women. It makes men suffer more from stress and depression and seek medical attention.

Today, Alexander Sandy and Sally Cutler have gifted a generous amount of $15 million as a gift to the University Hospitals in Northeast Ohio. This grant aims to work on plans of innovative plans to facilitate men’s health concerns. To honor this kind gift, University Hospital will name this new center as Cutler Center for Men’s Comprehensive Care.

This center will target the local population of men that do not have access to the primary healthcare facilities. Dr. Lee Ponsky, Chair, and Professor of Urology at UH Cleveland Medical Center will continue his role and lead this new Cutler Center as the Executive Director.

In Cleveland, men were less likely to access a doctor as compared to women, last year. That is why the medical center wants to evaluate and study the determinants of this flaw in the healthcare system. The new center will work by having multiple specialists in men’s health particularly in cardiac health, kidney health, digestive health, mental health, orthopedics, and other medical specialties to improve men’s healthcare.

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Dr. Ponsky the new Executive Director of this center is also the Director of the UH Urology Institute. He holds the prestigious “Leo and Charlotte Goldberg Chair of Advanced Surgical Therapies and Master Clinician in Urologic Oncology”.

Opening a facility that specifically targets men’s health with offer proactive care and personalized treatments for all attending patients. This million-dollar grant will help to make it happen. The Cutlers family legacy truly helping the community in a compassionate way.

The center will appoint local health navigators to encourage men and guide them on getting a medical checkup. It would also use apps, telehealth and other commonly used ways to make medical access easier for everyone. If this model is successful, it may become an example for the whole world for men’s health promotion and care.

The initial locations of Cutler Center are UH Ahuja Medical Center, Beachwood, Ohio and also at the UH Otis Moss Health Center, Fairfax neighborhood of Cleveland.

The Cutlers are recognized as an elite family of this are and now it has become one of the most generous donors, now called UH Visionaries, for their extraordinary societal commitment to improve men’s health facilities. It serves humanity as well as the hospital’s mission. For the latest updates and information on the health services available at this center, call at 866-585-8313 or contact them online by clicking HERE.


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