Eating Eggs can Double the Risk of Diabetes

eggs risk of diabetes

Eggs are an absolute favorite food worldwide and most people prefer eating eggs for breakfast. There are hundreds of ways to cook eggs and people tend to eat eggs even when they are dieting. However, a new study highlights a surprising effect. According to this study, eating one or more eggs daily can increase the risk of diabetes by up to 60%. It means the risk of diabetes is even more than doubled among those who eat eggs daily.

The egg is a complete food and many health experts even call it a ‘superfood’.  They are enriched with nutrients which are essential for good health. There is plenty of data that suggests that eating eggs every day is healthy. That’s why this new report of eggs increasing the risk of diabetes is somewhat shocking.

This new study by the research team from the University of South Australia reveals that taking an egg changes the body’s responses. It means overconsumption of eggs can easily double up the risk of diabetes.

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This longitudinal study was conducted in collaboration with Qatar University, and China Medical University between 1991 to 2009. This is the first-ever study to examine the effect of egg consumption on the Chinese population.

The results of this study show that eating at least one egg per day can 60% increase the chance of getting diabetes. Nearly 11% of the Chinese population is already suffering from diabetes. This number is a little above the average diabetes prevalence of 8.5% worldwide.

Not just a health problem diabetes has a high impact on the economy where 10% of it is for healthcare management. It makes nearly $760 billion which is a lot of money. On the other side, in China, this cost is nearly $109 billion which is still a high amount.

The increase in diabetes patients is a major health problem in all parts of the world. But in China, this risk is highest because of its super enormous population which needs a lot of national resources to manage healthcare.

The changes in traditional Chinese recipes have links with these growing diabetes cases. All health experts agree that diet plays a big role in metabolic functions and the onset of diseases like diabetes. So understanding certain factors can explain how to control the situation before it is too late.

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During the last few years, dietary habits in China took a big turn. People are more into new types of diets which contain processed ingredients too. Additionally, these diets eat a lot of meat and unhealthy snacking which may change natural metabolism.

The egg consumption in China has also changed and people tend to eat more eggs now than ever before. This close link between eggs and the risk of diabetes shows that the Chinese need to hold their egg consumption for good.

Those who eat more than one eggs per day need to take immediate action. Moreover, women have to be more careful than men, as this effect is highest in women.

More information

This study is published in the British Journal of Nutrition. Click here to read the complete study findings.

Reference– Higher egg consumption associated with increased risk of diabetes in Chinese adults – China Health and Nutrition Survey by Yue Wang et al,


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