Doctors Suspect that Coronavirus Can Spread through “Farts”

Coronavirus Farts

One doctor has warned that people might be transferring the deadly coronavirus to each other through smelly body gasses- farts! But is that really true?

The medical experts say that transmission of COVID-19 and receiving it through farts is only a myth. But it couldn’t be denied completely. The chances to get coronavirus with “farts” are tiny. And it mainly spreads through nasal droplets directly coming from an infected person or by touching a contaminated surface.

Dr. Andy Tagg from Australia has warned that coronavirus might be spreading through farts after he did an analysis of some coronavirus patients. He has reported that this virus was shown in 55% of samples obtained from the feces of infected patients. This is the first-ever report of this kind and there is no previous report to tell if COVID-19 has any occurrence in poo or farts of those who are diagnosed positive for it.

Dr. Tagg said; “Well, SARS-CoV-2 can be detected in feces and has been detected in an asymptomatic individual up to 17 days post-exposure.”

He also told that some of the previous tests conducted on transmission through farts showed that there is some possibility of spraying tiny particles i.e. talcum powder to considerably long distances.

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He also said; “Perhaps SARS-CoV-2 can be spread through the power of parping – we need more evidence. So remember to wear appropriate PPE at all times and stay safe!”

Despite these results and statements, Dr. Sarah Jarvis, the Clinical Director of, said that there is the least possibility of getting infected with COVID-19 via farts of an infected person.

In her interview with a newspaper, she said that; “The likelihood of someone catching the virus because they were close to someone who farted is really tiny. You are way, way more likely to catch it by being in close contact with someone who coughs or sneezes, or by picking up droplets (from coughs or sneezes) on your hands when you touch a hard surface.”

Despite this statement, she has advised all people to follow good personal hygiene especially, toilet hygiene. There is no actual evidence to tell whether or not coronavirus spreads through farts but there is a chance that it is present inside the feces of a contaminated person.

On discussing the presence of coronavirus particles inside poo, she said that indeed there are some reports mentioning that it is possible and one in ten people have also reported diarrhea a couple of days before or after getting other coronavirus symptoms i.e. fever, cough. But it doesn’t support the spread through farts. As a matter of fact, it signifies the importance of good toilet hygiene and to be extra careful of any new symptom in a coronavirus suspect.

In 2001, another Australian doctor, Karl Kruszelnicki, and a microbiologist Dr. Luke Tennent investigated whether or not farts spread any disease in humans. They got fart samples directly on some Petri dishes from a considerable distance, with and without pants. This experiment told that farts with trouser showed no bacterial load but the second sample, taken without trouser grew bacteria overnight. However, these bacteria were not of a pathogenic nature.

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Center for Disease Control and Prevention (China) announced that pants, made of any fabric are typically a good barrier that could prevent farts from spreading bacteria and viruses, even if it has coronavirus.

It also told that farts are not likely to transmit the coronavirus if a person is wearing pants. But it didn’t tell the risk if the person is not wearing pants and they release a fart that another person smells or is in close proximity.

There is not enough evidence to support this claim. The best way to make sure that a person is protected is to practice good hygiene, eat healthily, and follow social distancing.

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