Do Not Believe These False Facts on Chinese Coronavirus

Coronavirus belongs to a family Coronaviridae and it is associated with some serious conditions like severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), pneumonia and the common cold. Some forms of this virus are highly contagious and fatal. It is found that more than forty-five hundred people are affected by a coronavirus.

This virus is spread in more than fifteen countries but firstly it was discovered in December in the Chinese people of Wuhan city. Thousands of people are infected by it in China and about a hundred people are dying of this virus.

In Hong Kong people are wearing face masks to prevent them from coronavirus that is spreading into different countries. The current study shows that social media is spreading many false claims regarding coronavirus. The AFP Fact Check service debunks this wrong information.

Many Facebook posts are shared which shows that some locations in the City of Australia, Sydney are not safe and are infected by a coronavirus. Similarly, a list of foods is shared in many posts in which it is claimed that it is not safe to eat and is contaminated with coronavirus. Yesterday a post was published in which several types of cookies, rice, and onion rings were marked as unsafe to eat.

Even it is claimed that some tests are performed by the bureau of diseasology and strain is exposed in many Sydney suburbs. But AFP finds that all the locations exposed in Facebook posts are safe to visit and the foods are safe to eat.

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Recently a video was getting viral on Facebook in which a market of Wuhan city was shown where the coronavirus strain was materialized. This video is viewed more than eighty-eight thousand times. But later it was confirmed that it was an Indonesian market, not Chinese.

Another post on Facebook from Sri Lankans has shared thousands of times claiming that the whole population of eleven million people of Wuhan city of China will die of coronavirus. But this type of projections is not made by the authorities of China. This is wrong. Similarly, many posts on social media are claiming that coronavirus is also spreading due to eating the meat of Chinese cobra. But it is not proved true yet.

Researchers have not found any vaccine against coronavirus but US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention declares that many people who are infected with coronavirus recover on their own without any type of vaccine.

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Many rumors related to coronavirus are shared on Facebook, Twitter, and Weibo. Even it is claimed that the respiratory expert, Zhong Nanshan has advised people to wash the mouths with the saltwater solution to protect them from a new virus, coronavirus. But it is cleared that Zhong Nanshan hasn’t given any advice to people.

The team of experts asks people not to believe in these rumors and not to share any unauthentic information related to a new virus outbreak, coronavirus. The World Health Organization finds that no evidence proves that saline solution can protect people from coronavirus.

Many posts are circulated on social media that shows that the inhabitants of Val d’Oise, Savoie, Lot-et-Garonne and Pyrenees-Orientales in France are contaminated with coronavirus but AFP confirms that no case of coronavirus is diagnosed in these departments of France.

The researchers are working to know the real facts causing coronavirus that’s why in this study people are warned not to believe any rumor related to coronavirus.

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