Did Soft Drinks Just Get Healthier for The British?

The researcher “Lauren Bandy” and her team investigated dietary information from a number of soft drinks sold in the UK. It included carbonated drinks, concentrated drinks, natural 100% juice, artificially flavored juices, caffeinated drinks, sports drinks and sifted water and combined this with sales record during 2015-2018.

There has been an extensive pressure on the industry to diminish the sugar substance of soft drinks and in April 2018, the British government introduced the “Soft Drinks Industry Levy” (SDIL) to help handle youth heftiness.

The examination isn’t intended to survey the specific effects of the SDIL, yet for any situation shows that sustained pressure on this industry, including using financial measures, has a high pressure to reduce sugar content in soft drinks sold in the UK.

This study, published in BMC Medicine, reveals that soft drink companies of United Kingdom are making a noticeable effort to reduce sugar level. And out of ten major companies, eight companies are reducing their sugar content by 15 percent or even more.

Regarding this, the two biggest names are Coca-Cola and Britvic. These two companies have already lessened the total quantity of sugars in their drinks recipe by 17 percent and 26 percent respectively.  However, there is no change in their flagship brands; Coca-cola and Pepsi.

On the other side, sugar was added into soft drinks manufactured and sold by Innocent and Red Bull. Their content of sugar us not much changed but these companies are facing a sales decline in general.

This study shows that practically 73 percent of the reduction is reported in sugary soft drinks by reformulating the already selling products or in the form of new products.

These changes are presumably going to be an outcome of multiple health awareness programs run by the government. Generally, changing the SDIL, would also change the marketing strategy for soft drinks and it may also progressively change the narrative of people associated with these drinks, considering them harmless.

Many national and international governments are calling for a change in this sugar enriched soft drink industry to take steps for better health This new technique empowers investigators to screen the progression being made and to make this information open to general society. This outside scrutiny will in a perfect world invigorate progressively positive and brisk activity by the sustenance industry to achieve increasingly worthwhile eating regimens.


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