Deaths by Coronavirus in India Cross 82,000

deaths by coronavirus in India

The deaths by a coronavirus in India have touched 82,000 while hundreds of these deaths were reported within the last 24 hours. This data is shared by the Indian Health Ministry, describing the situation of the virus in the country.

Last week, India replaced the UK with the fourth-highest death reports with a total number of 2.6 million infections. These infections only include the official records and there are high chances that the real number of cases is much more than this.

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Only U.S, Brazil and Mexico are higher than the total deaths by coronavirus in India reported. To be exact, these deaths are 50,921, at the moment and these 941 deaths were confirmed yesterday, as per the Indian health ministry.

India is the second-most populous country of the world and is the home of the biggest cities and slums which are home to millions of people. It is at number three in the list of worst-hit countries right now with the United States on first and Brazil on the second number.

The health experts suspect that the real deaths by coronavirus in India as well as the total cases may be much higher and the reports only indicate the cases confirmed by testing. India’s severely under-fund healthcare system is not able to conduct massive-scale testing like China and the US. It means it is not that the cases are low, but the testing facility is limited which is why the real cases are suspected to be higher than reported.

Despite this high death rate, the Indian Health Ministry shared a tweet on Sunday saying that the deaths by coronavirus in India are one of the lowest in the entire world. They calculated this death rate to be less than two percent.

The ministry shared in one of its statements that testing and tracking the cases have been extremely helpful in achieving a high recovery rate from the deadly virus. On the other side, health experts believe that India has to speed up its testing facility to take control of new cases. If these cases spread to poverty-ridden areas, especially rural and sub-rural, there are high chances for an increase in new cases as the regional healthcare systems are extremely fragile.

The Indian PM Narendra Modi said in his speech delivered on Independence Day on Saturday that potential vaccines for coronavirus are being tested and the government is planning to produce a large quantity of these vaccines if the results are viable.

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He says once our scientists give us a clean chit, the government will start working on producing the coronavirus vaccine and it is already working on it. He further shared that the government is working on how to deliver this vaccine to all citizens in time.

The Indian government initially imposed a lockdown but eased it later on as it was directly hitting the country’s economy. Local and central governments are trying to control new cases of coronavirus in India. The virus has attacked small towns and rural areas more than urban areas.

Although the government has advised all citizens to follow standard precautionary measures evidence suggests that these recommendations are widely ignored especially in rural areas. Without public awareness on the said subject, it doesn’t seem like the new cases can be prevented, so people have to act more responsibly and follow the guidelines.

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