Trees can Save you From Vascular Damage Caused by Air Pollution

vascular damage

Living around trees can make you happier and healthier. The benefits of trees are countless and despite being so much research on trees, it is impossible to predict all of them. A new study lead by the University of Louisville research team reveals that green vegetation around your house can save you from environmental damages. In this case, trees around a house can improve vessel health and save from any vascular damage.

This study is now published in the American Journal of Physiology-Heart and Circulatory Physiology.

The previous studies on trees showed that they can lower and maintain blood pressure and save from heart attacks. Some studies have also estimated that trees can relieve stress and improves mood. There are so many environmental factors that may play a part here, not only you have an opportunity to connect to nature but also spending time outdoor can be a good exercise. The connection to how green spaces and trees can improve heart health is not fully clear but there is evidence suggesting it may save from vascular damage.

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This new study has linked arterial stiffness in study participants with underlying risk factors including obesity, diabetes, cholesterol, and hypertension. All of these participants were on the verge of health problems at any time.

Although this relationship between air pollution and trees is evident how it improves the stricture of blood vessels wasn’t understood. People who live in a green area or trees around are least affected by the environmental damage to their blood vessels. Therefore, high-risk patients can live around green neighborhoods to avoid the risk of a heart attack.

The address of the participants was tracked from the database of the U.S. Geological Survey and local Environmental Protection Agency and the research team identified the risk factors that all of these participants might be having.

  • They particularly looked for the following.
  • Vegetation index (an evaluation of greenness levels)
  • Particulate matter (harmful toxic particles)
  • Ozone levels (a colorless air pollutant)

During the period when particulate matter, as well as ozone levels, were extremely high, the participants experienced extreme arterial stiffness. But those people who were living around trees experienced improved vessel function. It suggests that vascular damage, the location of a person, and the vegetation around him affect how his blood vessels will function.

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Previously, those who lived around trees were reported a high risk of volatile chemical damage and a drastically high income. And, this current study somehow reported the same along with the relationship between arterial stiffness and greenery.

These study findings report that living around trees is conducive for blood vessel health. Unclear air can make anyone sick, and affect the mood and stress levels in many ways. But trees not only affect your utility bills and provide clearer air despite the increasing pollution levels worldwide.

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