Clean Kitchen for a Good Health- How are These Two Things Connected?

Clean Kitchen Good Health

Thousands of people end up at hospitals due to foodborne diseases that often originate from the kitchen. Some of the researchers checked common house kitchens and found that bad and good kitchen habits are directly involved in maintaining good health.

Health experts emphasize people to pay attention to the personal hygiene and cleanliness of places where they spend their time. A kitchen is a place where every person plays plentiful time and most people ignore the cleanliness guidelines because they never assume to get a disease from their kitchen.

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But it is easy to guess that cleaning your raw food is not enough, your hands must be clean as well to make sure that you don’t get a foodborne infection. There is so much that happens in a kitchen but following good hygiene can make it better.

Silje Skuland a researcher from the Consumption Research Norway (SIFO), Oslo Metropolitan University. In a collaboration with other research partners from other countries i.e. UK, Portugal, Norway, France, and Romania, Silje analyzed the cooking and cleanliness habits of common European households. She urges everyone to understand that cooking is not as simple as it may look. It is a social practice among many others and requires the same standard hygiene rules as other practices.

The complete result of this entire study was published as a 800 pages extensive report with the title “everything you want to know about how food safety is addressed in everyday lives.”

How often do people pay attention to clean their hands before or after cooking? Washing all kitchen utensils and raw food is necessary but washing the hands is equally important. This report analyzed how different cultures, societies, and ethnicities differ in terms of food habits and kitchen cleaning habits.

The World Health Organization (WHO) explains that more than 20 million people’s health is on the verge due to the pathogens and toxins inside the food that they eat. Because of these food-related diseases, nearly 5000 people die but still, this aspect of good health and a clean kitchen doesn’t receive the attention that it needs.

Skuland suggests people to understand that only consumers are not responsible for the food-related disease. If the raw food comes with certain bacteria strains such as Campylobacter bacteria or maybe listeria, it is not the consumer’s fault. But there is a good chance to prevent getting the infection by properly washing and cleaning the food, utensils, and more importantly your hands to make it happen.

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In addition to this, make sure that the food is properly cooked. Raw meat is a big cause of foodborne diseases implying people pay attention to their cooking and eating habits. Not just the vegetables but meat and eggs can also cause foodborne diseases such as salmonellosis.

Food safety experts suggest that sometimes even the most conscientious people can make errors that may cost their health. For example, they can forget to clean the cutting board after using it once especially for cutting chicken. Re-using without washing can increase the chances of getting a foodborne infection.





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