Patient with Some Part of His Skull Surgically Removed Finally Gets Back on His Foot

Skull Surgically Removed

Joseph Walter Shaw is a 26 years old man who was in a coma after he was attacked and doctors surgically removed some parts of his skull to save his life. Reportedly, he was caught into a fight while visiting a night club with his friends.

After spending years on the bed, Joseph is finally able to walk on his feet using a new app designed and launched by a consultant physiotherapist, formally working at East Kent Hospital, Ben Chitambira. Using this app has helped Joe a lot in many ways during this lockdown period caused by the coronavirus pandemic this year.

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Chitambira left his job to work on this app along with a team of highly skilled team members at Neurorestorative and Neurorehabilitation Solutions (NRNRS).

Joseph gave a press statement in this year February, saying that he has started his speech therapy and his instructor is actually a singing teacher. Having Kayleigh Stevens-Keatley to help his speech has been a great experience and using the app along with this speech therapy is helping in his speedy recovery.

He first started to use this app in March 2020 after his physiotherapist, Ben, recommended him using this app. Within one week of using this app made him realize that it is helping him in more than one way including walking and speech.

Joseph calls this experience like more of watching a computer screen that has inversely colored lines. He has to watch it for some minutes followed by some simple head exercises while focusing on the screen. He repeated doing this a few times per day regularly which is why he is able to see real results.

This app is no less than a life-changing experience for joseph. It is something that he never expected would make such a big difference in his life. he says that he will continue using this app until he and his doctor feels that he doesn’t need to use it. In addition to this, he highly recommends using this app to everyone who is injured or needs something motivational to speed up the recovery.

Joseph says that he cant thank his doctor Ben Chitambira enough for what he has done for him. He calls him a ‘magician’ and himself as the ‘magic’ of him.

Recalling the attack, he says that he was previously working as an independent plasterer and was living in Australia. He came back to England, his home town for only one month, and was assaulted on the first day here.

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Joseph was attacked on 17th March 2018 in a nightclub at Ramsgate town. Obviously it wasn’t a good experience that he wants to remember but he is told that he was attacked after he was coming home after hanging up with his friends. He remembers that they stopped to withdraw some cash at Halifax to pay for the taxi.

There approached a guy who was harassing one of his female friends. Joseph stood up to this asked that guy to leave. At this point, this guy attacked him and punched him so hard that he fell to the ground and hit his head hard.





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