“China Caused the Coronavirus Pandemic”, Trump Demands Accountability from UN

China coronavirus pandemic

There are many theories and speculations on how the coronavirus pandemic started. Meanwhile, no one is quite sure what led to a global outbreak of the lethal virus. Many people blame China for initiating and spreading the coronavirus pandemic and Donald Trump is one of them.

Trump maintained his stance from the beginning that China is responsible for the coronavirus pandemic. Even though the coronavirus outbreak started in China, there are many factors that led to its worldwide spread.

Recently, Trump demanded from the United Nations to take accountability against China for spreading the coronavirus pandemic around the world. Trump addressed the nations saying that we will fight the coronavirus out of this world and it will not last forever.

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He said that people will also develop a vaccine against the lethal virus. Meanwhile, the nations should take action against China which caused the coronavirus pandemic.

Trump continues to call the coronavirus as the China virus or the Chinese virus. Earlier he also said that his country is fighting against an enemy invisible to them. He also referred to the invisible enemy as the China virus.

He also said the US is fighting its biggest battle after World War 2. Trump also claimed that the US responded to the enemy by producing surplus medical supplies and ventilators during the pandemic.

Recently, the death toll due to the coronavirus in the US crossed 200,000 fatalities. The US reported the highest number of coronavirus cases and deaths around the world.

The country is still struggling with the surge in Covid-19 cases. Many experts believe that the coronavirus cases will increase even more during the upcoming fall season.

There is another war of words going on among the world leaders during the pandemic. According to Trump, the US will rise in 2021 as the greatest country ever. Later some global leaders responded to this statement.

Antonio Guterres, the Secretary-General at the UN said that ignoring the coronavirus pandemic will lead to wiping out of countries. He subtly gave these remarks and warned the world about the consequences of the pandemic.

Guterres also said that the virus limited the progress of the world. Also, it overshadowed the efforts of countries over the past decades. He also added that the pandemic showed how fragile is the world and the countries should take the virus seriously.

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Zhang Jun, the ambassador of China at the UN, responded to the blames on China for spreading the virus. He said that the countries around the world should cooperate with China during this time. Also, the countries should avoid the spread of “political virus”.

Trump’s remarks sparked outrage among people against China since the beginning of the outbreak. He claimed that China spread the life-threatening virus around the world. Trump also demanded higher authorities to take accountability against the country.

Even though the pandemic started in China, the country managed to overcome the virus. They reduced their coronavirus cases in a small period. On the other hand, the US still struggles with the highest number of Covid-19 cases around the world.




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