Leaking Breast Implant Left a Woman Blind, Deaf and Bald

 Leaking Breast Implant

The 42-years old Shannon Plemons wanted to change her breast size from a B cup to a C cup, for which she paid $10,000. But the leaking breast implant within six months of the surgery added an enormous amount of silicone in her body, leaving her deaf, blind and bald.

Shannon has shared her before and after photos with media showing how her leaky breast implant was showing. Breast implants are typically considered safe if got from a certified medical aesthetician. However, Shannon’s implants, despite getting done from a professional went really bad, leaving her with unimaginable joints pain, visionary loss, migraine, hearing loss, and whatnot.

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All her made her suffer so bad that she was in bed all day, with no energy to move, fully convinced that she is dying. What’s even more surprising is that doctors told her that she will only live for six more months after the leaking breast implant was diagnosed showing a rupture. She was identified with the breast implant illness (BII) after the left breast implant ruptured within a few months of getting it.

Shannon shares that this was the most difficult phase of her life and she thought she will not survive. Working in the oil industry, Shannon has is on daily medications because the toxins have filled her body.  However, she has got her implants removed this month.

She shares that she initially thought of getting the implants to add up her self-confidence. Little she knew this simple cosmetic procedure would make her miserable. She is horrified to remember the day when the silicone started to drip from her nipples.

Each day, she was getting weaker and not just her but her family also thought that she will not live. But after her implants were removed, her symptoms started to be better.

After getting the implants in 2010, Shannon has lived years in immense pain and even left work for some time. She now tries to help other women on the dangers of implants especially the leaking breast implants.

Shannon says that she is now living in guilt to get them in the first place; these implants almost killed her. But she was sure that the ‘side effects’ are not that worse. despite getting the implants to retain her confidence, she thinks her decision was bad. She highly discourages women who are considering breast implants.

Medical experts warn that women to look for any changes in their breasts after getting a breast implant. In some cases, there is no symptom at all because the silicone doesn’t start to drip right away, it remains filled within the surrounding tissues of the breast. That’s why most of the time, this rupture is ‘sudden’ with no prior warning signs.

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Any woman who experiences a change in the breast after an implant should immediately talk to her plastic surgeon. It is necessary to find out if there is a rupture before it starts to drip out.

Shannon says that she doesn’t want to discourage other women but the truth is that leaking breast implants could be a silent killer. She now wants to go back to a ‘normal life’ with her family and friends with her regular size breasts.

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