3 Myths on COVID-19 Vaccines Bursted 

COVID-19 Vaccines

Despite the need for a vaccine to control this pandemic, the questions are raised on the vaccine which is not even developed yet. These COVID-19 vaccines are now in their final phases and may be available soon. It is the high time to bust some bubbles and misconceptions regarding the usage and safety of these COVID-19 vaccines.

Here is a list of the three most popular myths added to this vaccine.

Number 1- No one needs a vaccine and herd immunity can save us from the virus

There are many self-proclaimed health experts on social media that talk about how their herd immunity can save them from contracting the virus. The truth is that they still need a vaccine even to acquire this herd immunity.

Herd immunity is an ‘acquired’ response of the human immune system which is achieved against a new pathogen. When some people develop this immunity from a disease after recovering from it or through vaccination, the pathogenic spread is controlled. Technically getting herd immunity doesn’t require a person to do anything.

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The infectious spread will initiate herd immunity on its own after it has affected a certain number of people in a community. But the drawback is that infecting with the virus and recovering from it to achieve immunity is not much of a desirable thing considering how hard it is to manage coronavirus patients.

On the other side, injecting them with vaccine triggers the body to develop protection against the virus without actually suffering from the disease.

 Number 2- COVID-19 vaccines will be available for everyone soon

Although the vaccine is currently in its final phases it doesn’t explain anything on its availability. While it looks like that the vaccine will be broadly available for everyone like other common vaccines, the distribution of the coronavirus vaccine may take more time.

At least one and maybe more than one company may be able to get approval by the end of this year but these companies share no information on how they plan to distribute or sell this vaccine. There are also chances that only a limited number of people will get access to these newly developed vaccines which can save them for coronavirus for long.

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Number 3- Everything will be normal after a vaccine is here

In ideal circumstances, this does look like a real thing that after a vaccine, life will return back to normal. Sadly, there is nothing to prove it, as the approval of the vaccine is not a guarantee if the world will be a normal place to live.

There are many companies trying to develop a vaccine right now and many of them may become successful to develop it before this year ends. But the real question is that what does approval of this vaccines mean for public health?

It is highly unlikely that these vaccines will be available for the public any time soon despite getting approved. Although the same has happened in the past with other vaccines in the case of coronavirus, the situation is different. There are so many factors involved that don’t give a clear picture of the world even after having a vaccine for this virus available.


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