Boris Johnson Calls a Moral Responsibility to Re-open the Schools in the UK

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As more and more schools shut down shortly after reopening, a leading scientist says teachers have a higher chance of spreading coronavirus than children do.

Shamez Ladhani is a pediatric infectious diseases specialist at Public Health England (PHE). He remarks that school staff such as the teaching staff usually does observe social distancing rules at work but when outside the classroom they are more likely to break those very rules.

This observation comes just as data begins to show that about one in 10,000 schools is suffering from the spreading coronavirus. Outbreaks are appearing in schools ever since they reopened in the month of June. In a separate analysis, data reveals that only one in 23,000 children contracted the deadly virus.

An analysis from PHE discovered that there were about 70 children out of 1.6 million who tested positive for coronavirus after returning from school in June. Besides the children, 128 members of the school staff contracted the coronavirus. But in the 23,400 schools that reopened there were around 30 outbreaks that were officially confirmed.

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Published yesterday, the analysis suggests that a good portion of the linked coronavirus cases were coming from school staff and issued warnings to schools calling for the staff to be more cautious when outside school premises, they should take measures to keep themselves, their families and those in the school settings safer.

Dr. Shamez Ladhani headed the monitoring of schools in England. He believes we need to teach the teachers to be safer.

He points the need out as something really clear because teachers have a duty to care both in and out of school settings, therefore if they can take care of themselves they’ll inevitably be able to save those around them such as friends, colleagues, and family.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson is currently trying to convince parents to trust his measures and send their children back to schools as he tries to reopen most schools nationwide.

Last night Boris Johnson reminded parents that they would let their children suffer permanent damage to their futures if they refuse to rejoin school.

He is adamant to get schools ready and open to welcome students back to normal life but he still needs to persuade and convince the parents of students to understand that it is safe for their children to start the new term on school premises.

After the disastrous handling of A-level and GCSE results, the government faces a major challenge to ensure all children return to schools full-time.

There are still plenty of students in England who have not set foot in class since March, which was a month when also schools were still closed to susceptible children and those of keyworkers.

Boris Johnson assures the population that the return to schools is guided strictly by advice from the Government’s scientific and medical experts, he insists that it is only his moral duty to make sure schools reopen for children.

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He says they know more about the novel virus now than they did when it first appeared and took the world under its vices.

UK’s chief and deputy chief medical officers also issued a joint statement to convince parents that it was indeed safe for their children to return to school.

They claim that not all children and teenagers suffer from long-term repercussions from the spreading coronavirus and that very few children show anything of concern by attending schools. They call not attending more harm then attending.

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