Bizarre Fish With Full-set of Human Teeth Found in Malaysia

fish with human teeth

The pictures of a strange-looking fish are all over the media which is the first-ever fish with full-set of human teeth. This fish is caught in Malaysia but its pictures are viral all around the world within a few hours.

This odd-looking fish’s photo is all over Twitter where people have shared it millions of times discussing if it is real or not. If it is true, it is a truly surprise because no other toothy fish have human-like teeth.

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This new fish with human teeth is commonly found in Malaysian waters and classified as “triggerfish”. Right now there are more than 40 known species of these triggerfish but researchers believe many of them could be still unknown.

By appearance, this fish has a bright color and likes to live in tropical or subtropical regions.

The males of these fish are aggressive and violent which explains how do they use these teeth. Typically, this fish with human teeth uses them against the crabs, starfish, or sea urchins as per experts.

This toothy fish has become an online sensation within a few hours where one of the Twitter users tried to makeover it with digital tools by giving it false lashes and even a manicure to complete the look.

But do you know that this fish is not the only one with these weird teeth? There are many other for example one such fish with human teeth was identified in western Papua by a local school teacher, leaving the world astonished.

This odd-looking fish from Kimindores in West Papua was identified as emperor fish.

Triggerfish prefer to live in shallow waters. They have large scales, catchy body colors, and smallmouth. The name triggerfish is given to them for their triggering action in dorsal fins.

This type of fish eat reefs and common marine plants. This fish is generally thought to be edible but it may cause food poisoning in some cases. The biggest triggerfish caught till this day is 2 feet in size.

Although it sounds unusual fish have teeth. The swimming fish such as goldfish usually hide their tiny teeth that they shed and grow all over their life. This teeth losing and growing mechanisms are common in all fish from goldfish to shark.

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This new type of triggerfish is not the only fish with human teeth. There are many others for example.

Sheepshead Fish- which looks like an ordinary fish at first but these fish have 2 layers lower and three-layer upper teeth. They have molar and incisors both of which it specifically uses to prey.

Pacu Fish- this fish is similar to the piranha but its teeth are much more square than other fish. This fish is omnivores and it only eats veggies.

Goliath Tigerfish- this fish has full 32 teeth which are nearly 1 inch in size. This is a huge 110-pound fish that is common around Congo.

Dragonfish- this is small fish but has relatively bigger teeth. These teeth are long, sharp, and are like a fang. By using these humans like teeth, dragon fish kills its prey in deeper waters.


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