Bizarre Beauty Secrets of Hollywood Celebrities- Are They Safe or Not?

When it comes to beauty hacks, the list could go anywhere from the common home-based remedy for skin and hair to weird beauty trends. Celebrities spend thousands of dollars on their beauty and health, but some of them follow any bizarre beauty secret that is now open to the world.

At the start of this year, the NHS chief executive criticized the Hollywood actor Gwyneth Paltrow as she was promoting doubtful health and beauty products and procedures that might not be safe for people.

Paltrow runs a personal brand called “Goop” which is under the heat for promoting expensive and scandalous products including “vaginal jade eggs”. The brand also launched a “vampire repellent spray” to curb negativity and promote positivity.

Gwyneth Paltrow and Victoria Beckham both are a fan of “bee sting therapy” which costs nearly £200 and helps to rejuvenate skin and reduces inflammation.

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Emma Coleman, a dermatologist and aesthetics expert says that many other people including Hollywood celebrities are using the centuries-old honeybee venom method called “Apitherapy”. She also shared that the market is full of bee products that treat a variety of conditions such as pain, skin problems, arthritis, and many others. But the efficacy of results has limited clinical evidence.

Angelina Jolie, another Hollywood actor uses caviar fish egg treatment that costs £200 per sitting to enhance her complexion and retain the radiance. This process uses fish eggs obtained from selected fish farms majorly from France that are smeared on the skin.

Each session of this treatment could take up to three hours and during the procedure, the person being treated is swaddled in body cream to remove all toxins out. It reportedly causes firmness of the skin, where the skin is hydrated and nourished under ideal circumstances. It is only possible because the process uses superior quality caviar eggs that are rich in oil and protein content.

Although medical experts believe fish oil to be the best moisturizing ingredient and generally healthy for a person, there is still a huge controversy on using expensive fish egg treatments for beauty.

In addition to this, there is another bizarre beauty secret that Tom Cruise, Harry Styles, and many other A-listed celebrities use. It is called “Japanese Nightingale” which is actually a facial with bird poo.

This facial uses dried bird poo to improve the appearance and texture of the skin. It also prevents acne.

The bird poo used in this facial is dried by using UV light. Then it is mixed in rice bran and a solvent, mostly water, and applied on the skin as a mask.

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Dr. Lucy Glancey from SurgiSol says that this process is no different from other masks that use mild acids in them such as glycolic acid. She also shared that this bird boo has an acidic nature because birds do no really urinate. All their uric acid is excreted in their poo which could cause damage to the skin as well. She suggested using a carefully planned glycolic acid peel instead of using bird poo as a face mask.

Cupping is another famous but bizarre beauty secret that could be traced back to Asian cultures. It uses heated cups directly on the skin which creates an ideal vacuum situation. It improves blood flow and supposedly heals everything from stress, pain, diabetes as well as cellulite.

Gwyneth Paltrow also endorses cupping for good health but medical researchers don’t find it a viable solution for health. Prof. David Colquhoun teaches pharmacology at University College London. He says that this cupping makes no sense as the bleeding was considered as a medical therapy even in the 18th century but eventually abandoned when the medical practitioners came to know about its dangers.



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