Are North Koreans Really Going to Eat Pets Meat?

Eat Pets Meat

Dog meat is a highly popular and conventional delicacy in many parts of North Korea and South Korea. Considering the on-going pandemic, North Korea is suffering from a severe food shortage and Kim Jong-un, the supreme leader has come up with a bizarre idea, suggesting to eat pets meat.

Kim Jong-un shares a reputation of a nearly-dictator figure and often in limelight for controversial remarks and decisions. The nuclear missile programs of North Korea under his government are causing the country to experience huge sanctions which are hardly hitting the economy.

The on-going coronavirus pandemic has made it worse, making the country to experience an extreme food shortage. However, Kim Jong-un has suggested a highly controversial solution to this problem which is to eat pets meat.

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Dogs are considered the best friends of humans and people like their families to grow with a pet, preferably dog which signifies the value of a family dog. If these new reports suggesting to eat pets meat are true, the North Korean leader is going to experience a huge backlash from the dog owners all around the world.

Kim Jong-un shares a notorious reputation and if these reports in media turn out to be true, he is going to get more criticism. Ordering people to give their pet dogs to turn into gourmet meals prepared by the top restaurants is a bizarre decision and feels more like an eccentric solution for overcoming food shortage.

The news was originally reported by the New Zealand Herald telling that the North Korean leader is considering to solve food shortage through this odd strategy.

This consideration seems like a direct hit at the public’s sentiments. The struggling class in North Korea breeds livestock while maintaining and keeping the domesticated pets especially dogs is more common among the wealthy class. Here in North Korea, keeping a pet is thought of as a status symbol and decadence of capitalism, as per reports.

The local newspaper Chosun Ilbo from North Korea published a resourceful report saying that Kim is soon going to ban dog ownership in order to make people believe that having a pet dog is a sign of bourgeois ideology.

It has also added that the concerned authorities have marked the families and households that have a pet dog and are forcefully making them give up on their pets. Some of these pets are to be sent to the government-run conservatories or they will be sent to the gourmet restaurants that prepare dog meat dishes.

The public is criticizing and cussing Jong-un over this new decision but there is not much that they can do about it. Does this mean North Koreans will eat pets meat?

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Eat dog meat is not unusual in Korea but giving up pet dogs to prepare delicacies is something that has never done before. Although the dog meat is now more of a tradition that actual food source mainly because of the affiliation and bond formed with a pet dog but it doesn’t mean that all people are against it. There are many Koreans who still have a taste for it but how are they responding to this new decision is not known.

In general, the public is furious over this bizarre food shortage solution. 60% of people in the country are under this food crisis which is getting worse every day due to the sanctions enforced on North Korea for keeping up its nuclear missile mission.

25.5 million people are expected to suffer from food scarcity and maybe a famine too if the situation is not controlled on time.


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