An Increase in UK Coronavirus Cases Poses A Greater Risk For The Elderly

coronavirus cases

New figures for the United Kingdom show the coronavirus crisis is going nowhere so fast. In about 24 hours the UK has recorded around 3,000 coronavirus cases. This number has been unheard of for the nations since the alarming outbreaks seen in May.

The government also confirmed that 2 more patients of the coronavirus have died after being infected over the previous twenty-eight days. The numbers of cases for the coronavirus have added up to a total of 41,551, which is the highest in Europe. An additional, 2988 cases were also recorded which were more than the number recorded on Saturday.

Matt Hancock is a Health Secretary. He considers the recorded numbers to be of great concern because these are the highest they have seen yet since May.

Hancock warns that the recent patients rolling in are mostly younger people and this trend should not allow the spread to reach the elderly of the population. As more and more young individuals catch the novel virus they put the older generation at heightened risk from infections.

Hancock says young people should take precautions so they don’t spread the virus to their grandparents so that the UK does not experience the same crisis they experienced at the beginning of the year. Back at the beginning of the year, the health system had struggled considerably trying to contain the infections and treat plenty of cases.

What’s particularly worrying is the fact that once the transmission increases, the elderly become even more vulnerable to the possibility of infections. The people with underlying illnesses suffer the most if they catch an infection, therefore experts advise stronger precautions for people that live with the most vulnerable individuals of the population.

Prime Minister of the UK, Boris Johnson says there is a need to tighten restrictions locally especially in areas that are suffering recent outbreaks instead of imposing a nationwide lockdown he aims to apply efforts In only the regions that have the most issues with the transmission. Doing so will relieve the fear of a stooping economy.

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Among such restrictions might be limiting how many people you come in contact with at home.

Reports from Sunday show that there are about 124 latest hospitalizations of coronavirus patients, this adds up the number of patients to 756 patients with about sixty-nine individuals on breathing ventilators.

So far in total, the UK has recorded about 347,152 coronavirus cases.

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Although Hancock believes the government made the right decision to reopen schools. Other countries are not so sure as most parents question the safety of the decision to send their children back into the open world.

Hancock however believes the effect of not receiving an education outweighs the risks attached to reopening schools.

Regardless of the rising cases, the UK aims to reopen areas that have the least risks attached. To kickstart the economy and save it from falling, people are being pushed to return to work.

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