Coronavirus Spread through Gatherings- A Wedding Reception Infected 24+ People

Infected with COVID-19

All public places are re-opening after spending weeks in lockdown. The ban on public gathering is lifted or partially eased, suggesting the life is coming back to normal. But there are still new cases being reported in various parts of the world, and the US is still at number one position for the highest number of cases. Despite the official figures claiming the situation is being regulated, it seems like the pandemic is still out of control. A new progression in this regard is the wedding reception which has reportedly infected 24 people with COVID-19.

All of these cases are directly linked with a wedding reception held in Maine. The information from the health department tells that 18 people have been infected with COVID-19 after they attended a wedding locally. This event took place at Big Moose Inn Cabins in Millinocket which is situated nearly 70 miles away from Bangor in North.

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These 18 cases have been confirmed after the diagnostic test while 6 other people shared that they had close contact with these 18 confirmed patients and after testing, they were also tested positive for the virus.

The press release issued by the state health department reveals that all of these people were locals of Maine and there was no one who came from outside or went outside the territory after attending the wedding reception.

The sources tell that this wedding reception had 65 guests but it is not confirmed if a confirmed patient of COVID-19 was among them. However, the situation implies that all of these infections were transmitted by one or multiple coronavirus patients but there is no information on if they or anyone else knew about them.

This case is still under investigation by the health authorities. Currently, all of the wedding reception attendants are being traced for their contacts. Those who have confirmed the infection after attending the event are currently receiving medical care and are under isolation.

The health authorities are also in talks with the management of Big Moose Inn to know the nature of this function and the number of people who attended it. It is also inquiring about everyone who was present there and advising them to get tested. This inquiry is initiated to know if the gatherings are following the recommendations issued by the state.

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The state government has allowed gathering of 5o people in indoor events, up to 100 people are allowed in outdoor events. These gatherings are only allowed if the place where the event is going to take place has the capacity to accommodate these people. The recommendation suggests no more than 5 people in 1000 feet area.

Maine has reported 4,197 total cases and 127 confirmed deaths among people who were infected with COVID-19. This information is shared on the state website but somehow it only recognizes the cases that were hospitalized. Seems like it doesn’t contain asymptomatic cases and those how recovered on their own. It suggests that the real number may be much more than the reported cases. It is necessary to follow the standard precautionary measures especially related to public gatherings to avoid the second wave of the coronavirus in Maine.



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