A Second Wave of Coronavirus in Israel are Now Confirmed

coronavirus in Israel

In a major turn of events, Israel has gone from being an exemplary nation in the global fight against coronavirus to a country with a rising danger on its plate. The second wave of coronavirus in Israel Is now not just a fear but mere reality.

Israel first reported its cases on May 17, with only 10 new cases of coronavirus in the entire population. Back then it appeared as though Israel had won its fight with coronavirus as it had successfully implemented an early lockdown that strictly controlled the spread. The country had appeared lucky with only 271 deaths from coronavirus.

After official announcements to reopen restaurants and pubs took place even Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took to encouraging the public to enjoy their new freedom.

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The prime minister was applauded internationally for the country’s successful stance against the lethal coronavirus despite his political struggles in winning right-wing support.

Netanyahu had promised to only spend his time dealing with the emergency of coronavirus in Israel.

Then most Israelis lived under virtual house arrest and a major number of patients under control thus letting Netanyahu celebrate his accomplishments with the virus.

He called Israel the “safest country on earth” citing numbers from statistics published on an unknown website.

Coming to the present situation however, in July cases of coronavirus in Israel is spiking, placing Israel right on the list of countries who have failed to keep the virus at bay. The current situation of the virus has, therefore, made Israel among those who are struggling with the lethal illness.

The new government is also coming under the bus with the onslaught of new cases, with the economy teetering and the unemployment rate rising to 23 percent, Israel has much to worry about.

Dr. Siegal Sadetzki is the head of the country’s public health service. She quit her job on Tuesday saying the government has lost its way.

She says the government failed to prepare in case of the second wave of coronavirus and because of that the country is headed in the wrong place.

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She emphasized that the government has missed plenty of systematic and other warnings that came about. She noted that the window of opportunities to turn this around is closing and Israel is in great danger.

Sadetzki fumed that since her professional opinion is not entertained she can no longer help the country effectively limit the spread of coronavirus.

This may seem relatable for many Americans as they have been experiencing a rise in cases is not one but several cases.

During the six weeks that went to waste, as pointed out by Sadetzki, schools were wrongfully reopened when infections were still rising and were again forced to close. During this time parents could no longer return to jobs and provide livelihood and while masks were encouraged there was no system that made sure people wore them.

On Tuesday, Israel experienced its worst day in its dealing of coronavirus, with about 1,400 new cases coming in, the country made a new record since the start of the outbreak.

Public spaces like bars and the gym have been shut again but other services like public transport remain unclear about whether they will be shut down or not. As Israel continues to struggle to produce one coherent plan against the coronavirus, little can be said of how long it will take for the nation to stand on its feet again.

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