Acupuncture for COVID-19- Can it Help?

Acupuncture for COVID-19

Acupuncture is an ancient healing technique that helps against a number of health conditions. But the latest version of this conventional method has revealed new information about the benefit of acupuncture for COVID-19 patients.

This new coronavirus strain can be helped with acupuncture, as it controls the inflammation that these patients feel. The research team from Harvard University has come up with positive results based on the modified acupuncture technique.

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Before testing on the coronavirus, the same electroacupuncture was checked on various bacterial infections in the mice by curbing the proteins that typically cause inflammation.

This inflammation shares a special role in coronavirus treatment because many of the COVID-19 patients have lost their lives because of chronic inflammation. But the problem is that inflammation could be activated in almost all types of infections. So curbing the cytokines that induce the inflammatory action will be helpful for all these conditions including the coronavirus.

For the mice testing, the researchers used a different infection to check the acupuncture. But the results were so compelling that it has raised hope for using it to reduce inflammation in COVID-19 patients.

This is the first-ever study that tells the potential of acupuncture for COVID-19 but it may take a more detailed study to evaluate the safety levels.

Acupuncture is an ancient healing technique that could be reported back to 100 BC and 600 BC. It is one of the oldest Chinese practice that helps various diseases. It has been developed and changed a little over the last few centuries.

Some of its practitioners say that it helps against everything, from pain to any chronic disease, acupuncture has healing powers.  But it also looks like these claims of calling it a treatment for everything actually changes its position to help the patients. For some people it looks like quackery but benefits of acupuncture for common problems stress, pain and inflammation are undeniable.

Clinical trials on acupuncture produce diverse results. Many of these studies have listed acupuncture as a helpful therapy. On the other side, some studies believe that its role is merely a placebo.

In the US, the trend of acupuncture is high mainly because people are switching to alternative and complementary treatment methods.

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Dr. Qiufu Ma from Harvard Medical School is trying to understand how this traditional treatment can activate the nervous system and control the functions of some organs. Different parts are referred to as ‘acupoints’ and inserting the tiny acupuncture needles in these areas under the skin triggers an action.

NHS has suggested people go to a licensed and registered practitioner to get acupuncture done. Although it is safe for the body only when it is performed by a professional. It is also likely to experience mild effects especially when its someone’s first time.

Some of these effects are;

  • Mild pain with needles
  • Light bruising
  • Nervousness
  • Dizzy and drowsiness
  • If performed by a skilled professional, none of these side effects show up.

People who have a bleeding disorder for example hemophilia or are using the anti-coagulants should refrain from experimenting with acupuncture.  It is better to talk to a doctor before getting the acupuncture for COVID-19 done.



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