8 Weird Health Information that Farts may Reveal

Health Information Farts

Silent or loud, smelly, or odorless, farts are embarrassing in all forms and types. While it may sound unbelievable health experts tell that every person passes 5 to 15 farts daily. However, for some people, it may exceed this average number and represent some of the weirdest health information.

Farts are normal and don’t signify a problem unless they excessively line up. Typically, farts are created by a bacterial activity involved in metabolism. some foods are hard on the digestive system which is why consuming those foods often results in excessive farting.

The excessive farting is a medical condition called flatulence which is uncomfortable, embarrassing, and can make any person self-conscious. But the good news is that farting can be prevented with simple lifestyle and dietary changes. Before that, there is something that everyone should know.

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Farts are capable of indicating some weird health information that a person may be suffering. Here is a list of what can they reveal.

Eating green veggies and beans in the last meal

Green veggies and beans are good for health but the fiber inside them strengthens the digestive system, improves sugar regulation, and controls cholesterol. However, they can cause excessive farting because human intestines are not able to fully absorb some nutrients which result in nasty gas production. So, yes if someone is farting excessively, everyone can tell that he ate beans and veggies-based meals.

Eating is way too fast

Irrespective of what a person is eating, how fast or slow he eats is a real concern. When a person eats too fast, he is also likely to swallow air with each bite of food. Burping that often results after eating is a way to remove that air from the belly. However, if some part of the gas remains inside it finds another way of going out.

Imbalance in gut microflora

The human gut has billions of microbes inside it and only some of them are known by researchers. The food processing in the gut takes place through specialized movements that push the food forward. But if a person is sick or has an imbalanced gut microflora, it can cause hindrance to this food movement. Hence the body produces more gas which goes out in the form of farts. Ever thought that fart can reveal this weird health information about a person?

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Digestive problems (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

Irritable bowel syndrome is a chronic metabolic disease that prevents the food to move along the digestive tract that affects the large intestine. In the case of IBS, the body causes gas, indigestion, bloating, constipation, and in some cases diarrhea too. All this weakens the nerves in the digestive system resulting in more pain and discomfort. It can also result in excessive gas production which shows off as farting.

Using dairy more than recommended

Dairy products like yogurt, milk, cheese, and others are broken down by the enzyme lactase which is naturally found in the gut. When this enzyme is low, the dairy products are not completely broken and the body experiences gas production. Excessive farting also shows that a person is highly gluten sensitive.


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