4 Countries are No Longer on UK’s Travel Corridor List

Coronavirus in the UK

Coronavirus in the UK is becoming a worrisome threat once again for the government. To limit the transmission of the lethal virus the government is now taking down countries from the list of ‘travel corridor’ countries. This was an important step because the country is experiencing a rise in cases.

People returning from the countries of Denmark, Iceland, Curacao, and Slovakia this Saturday will now have to pay a fine as hefty as £1,000 if they refuse to isolate themselves for fourteen days after arrival. The rule is kept in place to limit foreign infections to spread in the country while the UK already struggles with its own land cases.

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Grant Shapps is the Secretary of State for Transport. He confirmed the info to the public saying the government won’t be increasing the ‘travel corridor’ list and that it is true that the aforementioned destinations will be cut from the list.

He says their data tells them that they need to cut Denmark, Curacao, Iceland, and Slovakia out of the list. He confirms saying if a person coming from these countries sets foot in the UK they would need to self-isolate to be safe for at least 14 days.

He reminds travelers that the law compels them to fill the passenger locator form if they enter the country. It is asked to be filled in order to protect the masses and ensure those that need to, to self-isolate when required.

People are required to be quarantined when coming back from a non-exempt country because coronavirus in the UK may become even riskier than it already is. Failure to comply with the rule will land people in large fines that won’t be as easy to pay off as quarantining is to do.

The Foreign Office is also putting up new guidance suggesting people cut unnecessary travel out of the UK to the mentioned four places since unnecessary risks can do more harm than good.

These countries were cut down from the list after serious and constant rises in coronavirus transmissions were recorded in the four nations. This places adequate risks on travel and implied that travelers will be more likely to catch infections and bring them back to the home country.

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There has been an unwavering case increment in Iceland in the previous weeks. The noted increase was by the figure of 921 %.

As for Denmark, the latest reported cases have risen by a percentage of 508 over the course of the previous weeks.

In Slovakia, the weekly increase since 2 September has been 100,000 coronavirus cases this makes the rise to be 115 percent. Curacao is a quaint dutch-Caribbean island and even it has experience a weekly rise of 100,00 coronavirus cases making its rise to be 481% over the same recorded weeks as the other places.

This is particularly alarming as people are eager to go back to living a normal life and doing so may put them at risk if they choose to fly out of the country to such destinations and return with the virus that could drive cases of coronavirus in the UK.

The travel corridor for the UK can be found here.

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